​iLoveMakonnen – I REMEMBER Lyrics

I just, think about all my past times
Get on these fuckin’ tracks and make these words rhyme
I don’t even sell no dimes, cause I do not have no time
But I used to reminisce when me and my homies was on the grind
All the time, tryna shine cause we need them new things
Now a boy got pinky rings, switching lanes with 6 chains
I don’t even give a fuck, used to have a black truck
All the way in zip codes that I do not go no mo
Oh shit, I got shows every motherfuckin’ weekend
Me and my best friends ain’t fuckin’ speakin
Got friends from down under arrivin’ in the morning
Tell ’em that Makonnen is the best thing goin
Worldwide, now you know it, finally I can show it
Young boy in the city lookin’ like I’m fuckin’ growin’
All the way with the moon, ocean sun when it be snowin
I don’t know how I got it, I’m so thankful for the flowin’
My friends, once again, when they come back around
I remember all night, we was sellin’ that brown
To some motherfuckin’ junkies, I was actin’ like a monkey
Swingin’ off them god damn trees
Makin’ hunnid of them things
All damn night with the white, now a nigga barely see
Any type of fuckin’ drugs, who the fuck is me?
I just once was a young boy, on the fuckin’ corner
Sellin’ all this dope from Atlanta to California
And now I brought it back all the way to the West
Cuz them niggas in the East said that I was one of the best
So I’m like, let me go, see if the rumors true
When I step off in the room, niggas be mad at who?
When I step in studios, niggas tryna sound like who, now
God damn, I ride around in black fuckin’ coupes now
Don’t even need to pick it up
Nigga come deliver me
Feel like i’m dominos the way they fucking playing me
Oh shit is a game
Nigga love my last name
Girls want my last name
I switch them with my last game
Hit em with some new shit
Like how the fuck he do it
I remember being in church staring at the pool pissed
Like goddamn that water could make me feel stronger
Then i see that preacher daughter get killed by a gang banger
On the fucking corner and em girls was out here singing songs
Bout sweet jesus and how he was gon come back home
Put my whole family on as they fucking waiting
Niggas on the east side out here still hating
Cause they know that i’m great when i’m came from the south
Now i’m hottest in the north ain’t shit else to talk bout
I’m like damn Uncle Sam who the fuck is donald trump
These niggas done fucked up
Presidents be going up
Now the life in america is all about the money have no time for no jokes
Man ain’t seeing shit funny when my friends fucking dying and drugs fucking colliding everyday in communities
Bitches wanna do me
Niggas out here shooting bullets when we riding pass i’m like oh shit what happened i forgot about my dad
Cause that nigga did me wrong way back in ‘96 now i’m feeling like a bad dog
Looking like michael vick
Out here switching fucking teams can’t find my fucking path
I’m on the fucking road feeling so damn glad
That i have fucking twice another day at life
I remember last week when i felt like a bum
Shit be fucking popping now like a nigga is bubble gum
I remember being so broke i couldn’t afford no bubble yum
Now i’m see now and laters riding around in the latest jaguars supercars saying i’m a super star
And my mom came to my release
Thank god for warner but
Man i never swore that i would leave california
When i was young i felt dumb thought i had to be gang banging
Out here fucking slanging drugs but now all these songs i’m singing
I can’t think about no hook
History about these books all i know is fucking dope fiends and a few crooks that fucking switch they ways off in the usa
Now i feel like gps when i’m using that waze
In the app i can snap on any fucking rap but a nigga hate on me at the same time give me dap
I used to be a young fool now i’m feeling smarter
Goddamn thank god im feeling like a scholar
Didn’t go to college unless it was for beauty
Now the girls love me they want me out in movies
I done sign a stupid deal with a new agency
Hope they put me on a fucking tv show on channel E
Goddamn i’m entertaining oh shit ain’t complaining
Cause the money that i’m making is enough to buy jamaica uh
I love it but sometimes i dont uh
I think i’ll stay but sometimes i won’t
I swear that i should leave what’s is up my sleeve
Everybody hating, hating on me
So i fly all the time when i look at the moon
I remember being home making songs in my room
But now i fly all the time and i stare at the moon
I remember when i was young making songs in my room
But now i fly all the time and i stare at the moon
I remember making all these songs back in my room
But now i fly all the time and i stare at the moon
I remember making songs in my room

With my dogs little two pit bulls
Man one of them just died i swear this shit ain’t cool
I been hurting so bad i can’t even call my dad
Thank god i got my mom hope that she ain’t feeling sad
Bout them rumors going round in the town
What they saying that i’m fucking new asian that i’m looking like satan
All i’m doing is K and the coke all night
I’m like momma no i’m not but she know i sold that white
So it might not sound to fucking far fetch
Plus you losing all this weight
Man you looking kinda sick
I’m like man no i’m not i be running in the morning
I’m practicing for the world stage so i can put a show on that is as good as beyoncé
Look for my fiancé
Retire off this rap shit
Chillin in a bungalow
Goddamn dont need no hoes
I just need the fucking cash
I remember being broke couldn’t afford fucking the dash
That’s the of us that be riding on western ave
I remember being down there crying for my dad
He like fuck you im leaving
I was out there weeping
Now i’m the man from akron to Cleveland
And beyond doing songs you know i can fucking snap
I be out here looking in the audience waiting for claps
But these niggas don’t give me claps
They just give me stank eye
So i’ve hit them with that whip
Cook that chicken one time
Now your girl said she wanna meet a kid backstage
I know what she really want just to hit it backstage and fuck around and break a condom so she could have my child and when a nigga fall off she said that i ain’t shit now
But i never will fall off cause i never got on
I’m the same little kid making songs in my room
Now when i fucking fly i just stare at the room at the moon in my room
At the same time im feeling like a bride and a groom
Why won’t somebody come and marry me
I been smoking all night i should fucking pay the fee to the goddamn smokers club weight i be be going up
Goddamn nobody fuck with me since i haven’t been going up on a fucking tuesday but i got new news today
I can make plenty songs slow it down anyway
All in the usa they know that i’m leaving soon
I remember making songs staring at the moon in my room
Now when i fly i just stare at the moon cause i remember making songs in my room
Now when i fly i just stare at the moon
Cause i remember being alone
Just making these songs in my room
Making these songs in my room
I remember being alone in my room
Starting at the moon

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