180 gas selling companies suspected of price collusion in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan launched an investigation into a possible price collusion in relation to 180 companies Two days ago, an investigation was reported against six companies, now their number has grown to 180. They are suspected of price collusion in setting the cost of fuel, in particular liquefied gas

The Agency for the Protection and Development of Competition of Kazakhstan has launched an antitrust investigation against 180 companies that sell liquefied gas at retail, the agency's website says. transport. Most of the companies that fell under suspicion are located in the Mangistau region (85), where the first protests began. Another 22 companies are located in Atyrau and Akmola regions, 14 & mdash; in Karaganda, 12 & mdash; in Kyzylordinskaya.

For example, the antimonopoly authorities identified four companies in the North Kazakhstan region, which, having agreed, in April increased the gas price by 5.3% compared to March, while when selling gas on the electronic trading platform, the price grew only by 1, 6%.

The preliminary results of the investigation will be formulated within 20 days.

In addition, the Agency for Protection and Development of Competition issued 31 notifications about violations of antimonopoly legislation in the actions of market participants.

On Thursday, Kazakh media reported that an investigation of the alleged price collusion is underway in relation to six companies, including Kazmunaigaz, Aktobemunaigaz, Kazgermunaigaz. and Kazakhoil.

To stabilize the situation in Kazakhstan, they introduced maximum prices for fuel, including motor gas and gasoline. The cost of a liter of gas in retail now varies depending on the region, but is in the range of 50 – 70 tenge per liter (8 – 12 rubles). Price caps will be in effect for half a year.

In this regard, all liquefied gas producers were instructed to revise contracts concluded with partners selling gas at retail, before setting price caps, downward. Thus, the authorities intend to protect entrepreneurs who bought gas before the order to reduce retail prices from losses, according to the Agency for the Protection and Development of Competition.

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