Ambassador declared Germany’s “historical responsibility” for Ukraine

Ukrainian ambassador: Germany should sell weapons to Kiev because of “historical responsibility” Germany bears the same historical and moral responsibility for Ukraine as for Israel, the Ukrainian ambassador to the FRG believes. This means that Berlin should start transferring weapons to Kiev, he concludes

Andriy Melnyk

Germany is morally responsible for the future of Ukraine and therefore must sell defensive weapons to Kiev. Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk said this in an interview with the Funke media group.

“ We call on the [FRG] government to abandon the existing position, which is morally superfluous, and urgently provide Ukraine with the necessary defensive weapons. We have the right to self-defense '', & mdash; he said (quoted by TASS).

According to Melnik, Germany “ bears the same historical responsibility for Ukraine as for Israel. ''

Miller noted that Berlin's reluctance to provide weapons to Kiev could negatively affect the state of relations between Ukraine and Germany. “ The refusal of the FRG from the supply of defensive weapons causes great discontent in Ukrainian society and may have serious consequences for bilateral relations, '' & mdash; he emphasized.

In late December, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said in an interview with DPA that Berlin did not intend to supply weapons to Ukraine, even despite the possible threat from Russia. She stressed that, according to Berlin, “ further military escalation will not bring more security to Ukraine. '' and the FRG intends to look for a way out of their current situation exclusively through diplomatic means, through the Normandy format; and the OSCE. At the same time, the head of the German foreign policy department stressed that “ violation of international law and the sovereignty of Ukraine will have enormous political and economic consequences for Russia. ''

The United States is already supplying defensive weapons to Ukraine. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reported that over the past year, Washington has transferred weapons to Ukraine for $ 0.5 billion. Deliveries will continue in case of aggression from Russia, he stressed.

According to the Axios portal, on the eve of negotiations with Russian officials officials in Geneva, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan received a recommendation from the expert group to increase arms supplies to Ukraine.

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