Beglov: by mid-January it is planned to vaccinate 80% of residents of St. Petersburg

Plot of a new type of coronavirus pandemic that spread from China

The Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov said that the level of herd immunity in 80% of vaccinated people is planned to be achieved in St. Petersburg by January 15, TV channel 78 reports.

“ We are approaching the collective immunity. According to the standards of the Ministry of Health, we must vaccinate 80% of the population, and now 67% are vaccinated. To be realistic, we plan to do this by January 15th '', & mdash; he said.

Beglov also recalled that the vaccination centers of the city can receive 40 thousand people a day.

Earlier, the infectious disease doctor & nbsp; expressed the opinion that the increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia may decrease by the beginning of next year. One of the factors that testifies in favor of such a forecast, the expert called an increase in the number of vaccinated citizens.

Meanwhile, it became known that St. Petersburg was named among the & nbsp; cities of Russia, where tours for the New Year are most willingly booked . & nbsp; & nbsp;


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