Belarusians who left for Russia compared two countries

“I’m afraid you will soon be scared – we are watching one TV series”

Over the past year, many Belarusians have left the country. Some went to Europe, some preferred Russia. We talked with people who at different times moved from Belarus to Moscow and St. Petersburg. The interlocutors explained the reasons for the move and compared the two countries.

Photo: AP

Some of our interlocutors have adapted to Russia, others still hope to return to their homeland, albeit with the proviso: “Not in the near future.” Not everyone agreed to give their full names.

Olga: “I come home about twice a year. I am always glad to be at home. And I'm waiting for the opportunity to return. I'll go back there completely when it's safe. The choice of my permanent residence is obvious – Belarus. After all, this is my homeland, my home, family, history and culture. I respect Russia and don’t go with my samovar. There are simply situations when you need to stay here at the current moment. ”

Andrey: “I come to Belarus a couple of times a year. For me there is already a different rhythm of life. This is when you are already determined to run, but you have to go. My home is Russia, because she gave me everything. ”

Alexey: “I used to come to Belarus more often. He left after work on Friday, returned on Sunday. Now I travel more on holidays or long weekends. I don't want to live there. When I get tired of the movement and want peace of mind, then, perhaps, I will return to Belarus. For now, I just want to be able to be at home more often. As for the choice of the country, I will answer this way: God loves a trinity, therefore, before deciding on a country, I would like to live somewhere else. ”

Gregory: “ Now I rarely ride home … In the old days, it happened twelve times a year. There is no desire to return to present-day Belarus, but there is a need. I will definitely return there once and for all, when the Belarusian people will be able to choose their own power, when those who imprisoned people only because they wanted a better life will answer according to the law. ”

Vladislav: “I do not promise to live in Russia all my life.” When the country is free from the dictatorship, I will definitely return. This is my homeland, a European country with great potential. ”

Gennady: “ I used to travel once every six months. Less often now. Sooner or later I will return to Belarus for good. This is my home. When? Time will tell. ”


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