Berlusconi offered Italy to refuse Russian gas supplies

Silvio Berlusconi called for an end to Italy's dependence on Russian gas It is necessary to “end the dependence” on Russian gas, which brings “obvious problems”, but before that it is necessary to create conditions for alternative supplies, Berlusconi said. Parliamentary elections will be held in Italy in September

Berlusconi invited Italy to refuse Russian gas supplies

Italy should cut off Russian gas before Russia can decide to cut off its supplies to the country, said the former prime minister, leader of the Italy Forward party. Silvio Berlusconi in an interview with Foglio.

“Of course, [such a decision should be made], provided that conditions for alternative supplies are created during this time. That there will be investments in renewable energy sources. That, at least, research in the field of clean nuclear energy will be resumed, — Berlusconi said in response to a related question (quoted from Sky TG24).

According to the former prime minister, Italy also needs terminals for the processing of liquefied natural gas and plants for the production of energy from waste.

“Then we can do away with the addiction that gives us obvious problems,” — he said.

Berlusconi gave an interview to the newspaper Foglio on the eve of the parliamentary elections. His party “Forward, Italy” will also participate in them. Elections will be held on September 25.

Putin and Berlusconi called each other friends. In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere dell Sera in 2019, the Russian President said that they were “connected by many years of friendly relations” and called Berlusconi “a world-class politician.” The former Prime Minister of Italy in the fall of 2021 called Putin the only outstanding leader in the modern international political arena.

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However, after the start of Russia's special operation in Ukraine, Berlusconi said that he was disappointed with the behavior of the Russian president, whom he always considered “a man of democracy and peace.” The ex-prime minister believes that if he were in power, he could prevent such a development of events. After the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, Berlusconi, according to him, called Putin twice, but received no answer.

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