Blac Youngsta – Letter To Yo Gotti Lyrics

Fuck up, uhh
Cut that shit up a lil bit
You know, um
I was having uh uh uh uh
I was having
Big homie got it the other day
And we was on the phone talking that shit, you know me
Since I been on the road and shit
I been running so much money off this shit
I just ain’t been having the time to talk to big homie
Like I normally talk to em
But you know
That’s my big brother no matter what man
Dying about it
You know and big homie ask me a question
And and and this shit so funny, you know a nigga got to trip
Nigga smart as a mother fucker
That nigga Gotti ask me
That nigga said uh uh
Young nigga you know who who
Who believed in this shit from the get go?
When I signed your shit
I was like who?
Shit he was like me and you
The only us nigga
That nigga said haha
That nigga said nigga
Me and you the only one believed in you young nigga
Haa, I can’t lie to you
I got to keep it G with you
I told him say no more haha
You know uhh big homie
You know uh
I don’t think I ever told you how much I appreciate you for uh
Changing my life around
Give me a shot where I could put my niggas in position
And take care of my family you know
Any nigga play with Gotti
Imma clear the scene (Fuck nigga lil nigga)
Signed with CMG nigga that was my dream, yeah
I done seen like a whole whole lot of things
I done took a whole lot of beans with my [?] yeah
I appreciate you big homie
For everything that you done
I just want to let you know I’m riding with you with a lot of more than love
I just want to let you know Imma protect you from anything tryna that come
I just wanna thank you cuz you took me out the slums
Real nigga
I was riding around with a trunk full of CD’s in it
A lot of nigga’s they ain’t see my vision the ain’t believe in me
If you ain’t starve with me then you know god damn well you ain’t eating with me
A lot of niggas they was greedy, they ain’t want to feed me
Can’t believe them niggas tried to leave me
Hold up, wait up nigga
I play with hoes, I don’t play with niggas
I don’t shake hands
I don’t have conversations with niggas
Fuck them niggas I’ll spray them niggas
I ain’t trying the leave the game, sit on the bench
I ain’t tryna trade places with niggas
I ain’t doing you no favor nigga
Nah, for what?
Niggas said they want my head
[?] but it was still some love
So they said the want me dead
Tell them niggas hurry up
Tell them I don’t give a fuck
Tell that bitch I wanna fuck
I just want to burn her head up
I got niggas in the feds stuck (Lil bitch)
And I hate when the police put me in them handcuffs (them dicks)
And I know them niggas hating on me they can’t stand us
If you try to reach for my chain
Yall i’ll shoot a fan up
I’ll still fuck Lady Gaga if she had cancer
I remember I was broke (broke)
I was sleeping on the floor (floor)
I ain’t have nowhere to go
I ain’t got to sleep on the floor no more
I could afford me a home now
I ain’t serving out the foam now
I could afford to get you gone now
Aye, I remember when I first signed CMG
You know, I walked in that mother fucker like I just ran some shit
And big homie, I remember you looking like
The fuck wrong with this young nigga
The fuck he coming here talking about
What he finna do
How this shit gone go
This how…
The fuck?
And and and I seen this bald head nigga besides you
I was I like who the fuck this nigga is?
And you was that my lil cousin [?]
And I had already been familiar with him and shit
Cuz I been seeing him through in and out your career and shit
And I was like I want that nigga to manage me
Fuck that, and you was looking like what the fuck?
You was like man look right here
I ain’t letting this nigga go
I could tell, I could tell
And I was like I want that nigga to manage me
I want a new booking for him
I want a check that gon change my whole life around
I want to act like I got money
And and and really be broke
And I think the biggest debate about everything
You gave me the check with no problems
But you gave me a hard time getting beat nigga haha
I’l never forget that shit nigga
I knew he was good nigga
He value to your shit, and you ain’t want to let em go
But I respect you
And I appreciate you for letting him go
You help me make my shit come true
Make my shit big you know
I’m the biggest artist that ah ever hit CMG…facts
Dropped out of high school
Graduated the streets
Got to thank god a nigga got in my teacher
And you can’t thank god only when you need em

Now I love that hoe shit sheisty
It my bitch, fiesty
It my wrist icy
They locked my nigga up
Gave him six lifies
If you a fuck nigga?
You might dislike me

I’m in Dubai with your bitch ass up
Don’t you rob that nigga bare face
Young nigga you better mask up
My grandma told me pull my pants up
She said god got the answer
Every time I think about my brother
I’m pouring lean in the phantom
(Rest in peace [?])
My young nigga beat his case
All these tats on my face
I can’t go and get a job
I had no choice but to make it
Lamborginni with the door
Are your sure you want to race
I told that bitch she got to go
Slammed the door in her face
You ain’t rob nobody
You ain’t shot nobody
Nobody nigga, nobody nigga
You ain’t even nobody
This shit was a dream at first
We was all friends at first
I just want to know why you changed homie?
You was on my team at first
We was buddy buddy
We would talk to hoes
We was Kid Cudi
We was dressing alike we was going to school
Acting like we was twin brothers
I would never fuck with you or trust you homie
But I still love you
And if your son even need me homie
Let him know I’m there for you
Their aunty, their mother, forever I’ll love you
When you lost your son I shed a tear for you
Rest in peace [?]
I got shot three times
They tried to put me to rest
It wasn’t time for me to leave
Cuz the lord wanna let me live
You know, I seen that shit like a long time ago and shit
When I use to be there, go down the street
And beat on beat on church wild and shit
And umm hear my freestyles and shit
You know what I’m taking about?
Niggas use to laugh at me and shit
And and and they thought, they thought that shit was funny
You know but I always told niggas, I will be that nigga one day
Know what I’m talking about?
Just wait and see
And umm, look at me now
I grew up poor my nigga, but I’m rich as fuck now
I made a way for my family
When you born rich
You ain’t gon be broke when you get older nigga
Cuz you ain’t got no hustle about yourself
Ain’t nobody thought you how to go get it
Know what I’m saying
So I grew up poor and broke
I slept on the floor
I work for food my nigga
So what that tell ya
Imma be rich forever

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