Brian Vargas – The Pain lyrics

You think feelings is a joke.
It’s not funny to sensitive people.
Look at the things you provoke.
It’s like poking yourself with a needle.

If you could feel,
What I feel
Then you’d understand my brain.
You’d understand the pain.

It hurts so much,
To keep someone there.
Even if we’re in touch,
We don’t even play fair.

It makes me tear up,
What you do to other people.
When they breakup,
They don’t have the needle.

If you could feel,
What they feel.
Then you’d understand their brain.
You’d understand their pain.

It’s like if you walk alone,
In the rain.
You don’t get a comfort zone,
Its like the pain.

Its like the pain
Running down the drain
In my brain
Holding onto a chain.

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