Business Insider learned about Spain’s apologies to Germany for tanks for Kyiv

The Spanish authorities apologized to the German federal government after media reports about plans to supply Ukraine with up to 40 old German Leopard tanks, Business Insider reports, citing sources in the German ruling circles.

According to the publication , the news of a possible transfer to Kyiv of self-propelled armored vehicles purchased from Germany in the 1990s excited Berlin because of the sensitivity of the situation for him: this would be the first time that a NATO country would send tanks to Ukraine. This subjected Chancellor Olaf Scholz to increased pressure.

According to sources, now the Spanish authorities are ready to supply Ukraine with no more than ten combat armored vehicles, moreover, in need of repair. In addition, the transfer of Leopard to the Ukrainian side, according to the clauses in the contracts, will in any case have to be coordinated with the German government, Business Insider points out.

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