Cardi B – Got Me Fucked Up lyrics

phone*ringing Yo*

my nigga Yo
what’s good What?
you doing I’m?
chillin’ and shit what happened Yo
I’m dumb tight right now Like
tell me how this nigga I was in the club and he was dead tryna style on me tryna play me like yo I’m
so tight I feel like these niggas be thinking just because I’m a BITCH like I don’t be having bros to smack a nigga That’s
crazy so what you want me to do What?
I want you to do I? want you to handle that that’s what the fuck I want you to do Aight
aight bet say no more you already know Ima slap his fucking head off his shoulders you ain’t gotta tell me twice Yo
where this nigga gon be at anyway where he gon be at Ima?
check his Instagram and whatever and Ima see where he gon be at tonight I
can do it tonight Or
maybe tomorrow aight just stay on deck Yo
I want you to smack this nigga like if you was his father Ima
violate him That’s
what I want you to do Ima
violate him don’t worry you already I got you sis Aight
then love you bro Alright
love you too you already know

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