Cdot Honcho – So Long

I’m laughing at whoever doubted me
Ben Franklins kickin it round me
She trying to get close to me
Honestly, she trying to fuck whoever around me
I’m losing count it’s taking too long to count it I need an accountant
That probably won’t work I don’t trust bitches fuck around just have to count it out

Semi matic blow that, shift it, then hop out the bush like a rabbit
Member I had to make pallets
Double g pattern my jacket easy run up get wrapped like a packet
Im running by you I lapped you
Finna start walking you should keep running
Offset Vellanos frame keep rubbing

Can’t see my GPS phone keep jumping
Ain’t shit but yo woman tryna talk about nothing
We already fuck we can’t talk about fuckin
Hit that, rotate, skate, relocate
I’m on that bag ain’t slept in like 4 days
4nem on that they ain’t takin off no days
Pull up this whip you see at a showcase
Only got hundreds just fly through the Tollways

Come in here brain on door ways
Knew I had it when I was on 4way in 4th grade with some bitches from the 6th grade
Spinning them hoes like a tornado
I blow a bitch like a grendade though
She tryna kick it like Fernando
I’m in Miami not Orlando
Roc finding slots in the Durango bitch

(Too much fucking racks on me)
Need me a debit my knot ain’t gone fit
She need a edit she not up on shit
Stay on that porch you can’t come out that fence
1k Givenchy lil hoody ain’t shit
Dragon belt snakes Gucci and shit
Find him in lakes on Google and shit
He play with that cake and we thru wit his shit

Bitch play with that cake and we thru wit you
Put her to work like she sit in a cubical Skrt off this far from a suburu
Hit her throw her in uber pool
She know my time be coming soon
She let me go rising like a balloon
In the cut shining like a spoon
Run up wit wilding like a coon

Really I barely do use them
Sweeprs stay in the cut like a broom
Fuck her never do need em ain’t pay a dollar swiping the room
2 seater wet like what a boat on
I keep a rack like what a coat on
She want to nag bitch you can go home
I’m in my bag been in it so long

I’m in my bag been in it so long
Cdot man honcho gang shit takeover gang you already know what the fuck going on man Takeover the mixtape

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