China thought they could land taikonauts on the moon before 2030

Technical Advisor of the Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST) Ye Peijian said that China is able to land taikonauts on the lunar surface in the period before 2030, Interfax reports.

“ Personally, I am I think that as long as technological developments aimed at conducting manned missions to land on the moon continue, as long as the country sets a goal, the landing of Chinese taikonauts on the moon is quite possible before 2030, '' & mdash; he said.

Recall that earlier China planned to land taikonauts on the moon and build a research base on it & nbsp; in the 2030s.

Earlier it was reported that & nbsp; Roscosmos; announced & nbsp; about the beginning of preparation for flights of astronauts to the moon. & nbsp; The state corporation will hold a tender for the development of documentation with the necessary requirements for space technology. The first manned flights to the Moon will be carried out on the Angara rocket. The purpose of the research work is to study the activities of astronauts in the circumlunar orbit and the surface of the Earth's satellite. & Nbsp;


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