CNN announced US intention to leave 100,000 troops in Europe

The United States has brought the grouping of troops in Europe to 100,000 against the background of the Russian military operation. Washington does not rule out that the contingent will grow. The military will not take part in hostilities on the territory of Ukraine, the authorities emphasize alt=”CNN announces US intention to keep 100,000 troops in Europe” />

The United States is expected to maintain a presence of about 100,000 troops in Europe in the near future, CNN reports citing American officials.

The U.S. force could temporarily increase if NATO decides to conduct additional exercises in the region, the sources said. In addition, they admit, the number of troops could increase if the US deploys new bases in Europe deploys new bases in Europe “in the event of a change in the security situation.”

The US began considering these plans after a meeting of the commanders in chief of the armed forces NATO countries in Brussels, the TV channel reports.

The United States brought its grouping of troops in Europe to 100,000 in March, the US European Command reported. Before the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, there were about 60,000 American troops in the region. In addition, Washington sent thousands of soldiers to the NATO Response Force.

President Joe Biden has stressed that US troops are in the region to protect NATO allies, not to fight Russia and fight in Ukraine. The United States authorities have repeatedly said that there is no option for the development of events in Ukraine, in which Biden will send American soldiers to fight in this country against Russia.

In late March, Chief of Staff of the Army James McConville said that the United States would not increase military presence in Europe to the level that was on the continent during the Cold War era – up to 350 thousand.

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On May 13, the Pentagon announced that the United States, as part of strengthening the defensive capabilities on the eastern flank of NATO against the backdrop of events in Ukraine, will rotate the military contingent in Europe. On behalf of the head of department Lloyd Austin, 10.5 thousand soldiers will return to the United States, while the other 10.5 thousand will go to bases in Europe; thus, the total number of soldiers stationed in the region will remain the same — about 100 thousand.

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