CNN learned about congressional calls for Biden to increase arms supplies to Kiev

In the lower house of Congress, the United States called on President Joe Biden to increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine, including Stinger and Javelin missiles, as well as drones and fighter jets. On April 1, the Pentagon allocated $ 300 million in aid on congressional calls for Biden to increase arms supplies to Kiev” />

Members of the US House of Representatives have written to President Joe Biden in a letter calling for more arms supplies to Ukraine, including missiles, fighter jets and drones, according to CNN, which read the letter. This appeal was made by more than 30 members of the House from both the Republican and Democratic parties. They said their request was based on a wish list submitted by the Ukrainian authorities to Congress, which lists 17 areas where Ukraine needs more help.

The request included Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and Javelin anti-tank missile systems. Biden is also urged to increase the supply of long-range drones.

April 1, the US Department of Defense announced additional military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of up to $300 million. The aid package included laser-guided missile systems, drones and countermeasure systems, armored vehicles, custom small and large caliber ammunition, machine guns, medical supplies, as well as optical equipment and commercial satellite imagery services.

According to the Pentagon, the United States since the administration of President Joe Biden allocated more than $2.3 billion in military assistance to Ukraine, including more than $1.6 billion after the start of the Russian military operation.

On March 16, Biden signed a $1.5 trillion government funding budget for the current fiscal year, which also includes humanitarian, military and economic assistance to Ukraine in the amount of about $13.6 billion

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