CNN learned that the West is discussing plans to resolve the crisis in Ukraine without Kyiv

CNN: US, EU and UK discussed ways to resolve the situation in Ukraine without the participation of Kyiv The US, Britain and the EU are discussing ways to resolve the situation in Ukraine without the participation of representatives of Kyiv, sources told CNN. In particular, the parties considered Italy's plan for the autonomy of Crimea and Donbass, Washington does not support it

In recent weeks, US officials have been meeting with counterparts from the UK and the European Union to discuss possible ways to ceasefire and resolve situation in Ukraine, writes CNN, citing several informed sources.

Among other things, representatives of Western countries discussed a plan to resolve the conflict, proposed by the Italian authorities at the end of May. Representatives of Ukraine do not take a direct part in the discussion, despite the statements of Western leaders “nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine”, the interlocutors of the channel said.

There is growing concern among Western authorities that the conflict could drag on for years if Moscow and Kyiv do not come to an agreement, sources told CNN. Two NATO officials said they did not see much willingness to negotiate from Ukraine in the alliance, one of them clarified: “we can propose any plans we want, but Kyiv is unlikely to do anything that cedes territory at the moment.” .

At the same time, according to them, the US authorities did not put pressure on Kyiv, insisting on a certain plan and did not push them to negotiate with Russia. As two U.S. officials told CNN, there is no real support in Washington for the plan proposed by Rome.

The Italian plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine consists of four stages, the newspaper La Repubblica wrote. First of all, Rome proposed to secure a ceasefire and begin the process of demilitarization of the front line under the supervision of the UN. Then, negotiations should begin on the status of Ukraine, which will imply the country's refusal to join NATO, but joining the European Union.

The third stage consists in bilateral negotiations between Russia and Ukraine on the status of Crimea and Donbass, the Italian authorities proposed that the “disputed territories” received full autonomy with the right to independently ensure their own security, however, Ukraine will have sovereignty over them. The fourth point of Italy's plan involves a multilateral agreement, it will touch upon the issues of disarmament and control over this process, measures to build confidence, the newspaper wrote. After completing these phases, the Russian troops, according to the plan of the Italian authorities, will leave the territory of Ukraine.

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Authorities Italy was asked to create an international group that would oversee the implementation of the plan. The full list of its members has not yet been determined, however, according to La Repubblica, it does not include the United States, China, Germany, France, Turkey, Canada, Poland, Israel, the European Union and the UN.

The Russian Security Council has called the Rome project “a cheap searchlight,” according to Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev. In his opinion, the proposed solution to the situation is “a pure stream of consciousness of European graphomaniacs.”

“The West has embraced the itch of creating” peace plans “that should lead to a settlement of the crisis in Ukraine. And it would be nothing if it was about preparing options that somehow take into account the realities, — wrote Medvedev. He called the proposal for the autonomy of Crimea an insult to Russia, and the autonomy of Donbass — «obvious nonsense». The Kremlin noted that Medvedev's position is very important, but the wording of Italy's initiative should be carefully studied.

The American side supports any effort to find a peaceful solution to the conflict that would find support among the people of Ukraine, said US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas -Greenfield.

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