Curren$y – Don’t Wait For Me

I want to get out this booth and roll a joint so bad
We gon’ smoke this motherfucker quick
We gonna have to try to one take Jake it
(?) to roll me something
Shout out to my homie Dolph
You smoked your verse on the album too
Motion Picture Soundtrack coming soon
One love to everyone in a wraith

When I park I cut my wheels so you can see my rims
Got the gold 24’s on a Rolls for the win
Bitches trying to go where get in where you fit in
I’m not free ’til January or February, can you wait ’til then?
I got so much cash to get hustle on (?)
Its the only thing there is so mama there it is
We got orders to ship
We got products to ship
Cooking dope in there (?) cause the streets need a fix
Broke niggas ain’t shit ‘cept to a broke bitch
And a ho with no dough’s a ho you won’t see me with
Got the game from some pimps, I stayed in my own lane
Though occasionally my Mac Daddy ways get me paid
All I need is dope, fresh kicks, and element lemonade
Smoking major as I sit in my hammock in the shade
Don’t play with me
‘Cause you’ll get played
I’m the captian of this ship, ain’t no ho getting saved
You just gon’ drown waiting for me to reach out for you babe
Don’t wait for me
Wait for your nigga
He the one gon’ come in there and watch them movies with you
I’m the one gon’ keep it moving right after I hit you
Use your decoration towels, wipe off them I’m splitting
Don’t wait for me
Don’t play with me
Don’t hate on me
Make way for me

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