Curren$y – Lavendar Lyrics

[Verse 1]
The labels is Lavendar
My latest Ralph Lauren fashion
I been matching back and forth to the lab
Tryna make it happen
Addicted to extravagance
A magnet to the chips
Grabbing and dashing with all that shit
Not leaving fingerprints
Niggas is killing friends over brotherly arguments
We should all stay alive and just enjoy the shit
We work hard for it my collection of cars is immense
Open a jar and release a heavenly scent
Plot up and twist, plot a hit, message is sent
I bet them niggas never try to play us again
Plot out a hit message is sent
I bet them pussy niggas never try to play us again
Let ’em in

[Verse 2]
Let the lions in smoke out the den
Park the Benz, hopped out slid
Your niggas froze some of them hid
They ain’t on this shit
We hella dipped, I knocked your bitch
I ain’t even a pimp
She on the strip bringing this shit
Be back by ten thats what she said thats what she meant
Sense your kick in that’s what she did, trill bitch
Very rare in this atmosphere at the table
When I feast bosses eating I pull you up a chair
Everybody eating, everybody shining
Organised rhymes family got the profits rising
Where we go from that depends on whether you scared
Cause scared don’t make bread and we tryna beat the points spread
Switched been on the water but I ain’t in a waterbed
That’s a ship I had to charter there
Me and twenty of my cars in here
I got a little art man up in here a boss is always prepared

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