Dean Shepp – Finer Things lyrics

When I was young I used to dream of all the finer things
Now everything I do is major no more minor leagues
Diamond rings and watches, I think I’m Liberace
Hubert Givenchy, Medusa face on my Versace
I just want the finer things
I just want the finer things
I just want the finer things
I just want the finer things

I want it all and that’s all that I want
All of my life I was poor
Heating the house with the stove
My nigga I been there before
Momma caint take it no more
Daddy caint take it no more
I used to steal from the store
Got grown and I copped me a bow
I was letting ’em go for the low
Like pick up and go
But fuck selling dope
This rap shit is all that I know
I went from kicking in doors
Now I got my foot in the door
Now I’m all up in my zone
And all of my niggas on go

(Repeat Chorus)

I want the money, the cars and the clothes
I chase the paper not the ho’s
They ain’t never gave me shit
I’m back for everything they owe
Rome told me go for broke
I told my team I’d put us on
First tape was next to blow
Fuck doing time I’m doing shows
I just want everything they said I couldn’t have
Fuck was they when I was doing bad
Trapping out a hotel room
Momma found out that I got the bag
Got money now I got these niggas mad
Ralph Lauren got the purple tag
I got the swag, I got the swag
I was gone for a minute but now I’m back

(Repeat Chorus)

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