Donovan Tracey – King EnlightenmentCrecreat lyrics

Masculine Gender
Feminine Gender
From creations designed

King Enlightened
Queen divine
Creators creation
Thoughts universal mind
Universal mind

Caught up
In a beam of light
Spirits flight
On a starship called flight
(Illumination) Ascending
The Seventh Pinnacle
Of Divine Wisdom
Bless my eyesight
I behold
The ancient Kingdom I envisioned


There I was greeted
By the Children of Light
Appointed and anointed
Cleansed and purified
To deliver thus message
To humankind
A love invitation
To all the nations


So from finite
To infinite, rise
Seal and sign
On the signpost of the mind
There’s a sign that points one way
To the kingdom of the Divine
And realize
Man can fly to Heaven
And return again my friends
For the Royal Mailman
Has now arrived


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