DRUMMAKID – Wild Night In The Forest lyrics

[Verse 1]
Trapping out the bando
Rocking my jacket with the camo
I’m trying to stack and get the lambo
Runaway slave close to Django
They tried to pull me down but hell no
Cops pulling up and knock at my do
Keep my feet up I’m always G’d up I blow the weed up try not to go broke
Skkrt In That Bihh yeah rollup like I’m Ric Flair
I just hit me a lick yeah I remember when they didn’t care
Walk in the room she dem bitches stare
Fresher than the prince of fucking Bell Air
Go and cop me a bottle of Bell Air, lets have a toast
Broke boy stay the fuck out my way
Shorty get down whenever I stay
Speak to the God in me when I pray and I got your lady calling me bae
She bust it open all in my face purple and green I’m up and away
Stick to that cheese I’m done eating steak
Fuck like a rabbit on Easter day like
Yeah I’m really down with the shits tho’
Yeah I’m really down like limbo
This beat is so goddamn hard, you should call a young nigga Timbo
Bitch I be on my job trying to do numbers like lingo
And she fuck with the squad she fell in love with the lingo

[Verse 2]
Girls come alive in the nighttime
Here’s a waitlist bitch it’s my time
No vvs’s baby I shine
Comma comma comma’s all in my mind
Stick to the script playing my part
Hang with the dawgs bitch we don’t bark
I got juice man I got the troops
Keep it too real man I got the proof
Do the Mick Jagger I got the moves
Niggas be dabbin’ need something new
Think I’m a savage don’t be a fool
Still came up but dropped out of school
Bitch I be the man in my city
White Nike air with the black skinny
Krugang bizz they know the dilly got the bandana feeling like Jimmy

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