Foreign Ministry declared unacceptable conditions of the United States for the work of the Russia-NATO Council

The Foreign Ministry declared the US unacceptable conditions for the resumption of the work of the Russia-NATO Council Washington insists on the agenda that suits it, with an emphasis on “de-escalation” and “Russian aggression” in Ukraine, but this is unacceptable for Moscow, the Foreign Ministry stressed

Situation in Donbass

The US wants to resume the work of the Council Russia & mdash; NATO on conditions unacceptable for Moscow. This was stated by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in an interview with RIA Novosti. before meeting with the American delegation in Geneva.

“ They want to restore the activities of the NATO Russia Council, but on their own terms, on the agenda that suits them, with an emphasis on the so-called de-escalation, the so-called Russian aggression in Ukraine, '' & mdash; he specified.

Ryabkov also noted that the US approaches to the dialogue with Russia on security guarantees announced before the Geneva meeting did not come as a surprise to Moscow.

According to him, Moscow initially understood that Washington's line was to “ submerge '' Russian ideas and proposals into the 'technological environment from the point of view of diplomacy' that has developed over the past decades.

He suggested that the United States would prefer to 'merge everything' in the OSCE, where Russia has repeatedly raised these issues with minimal results.

The day before, the Russian and American delegations held talks on security guarantees. Russia was represented by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov and Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin, USA & mdash; Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Chief of Operations at the Joint Staff, Lieutenant General James Mingus.

Ryabkov called the two-hour talks “ amazing. '' According to him, the conversation was difficult, but businesslike.

The main day of the talks between Russia and the United States in Geneva is scheduled for January 10. On January 12, a meeting of the Council Russia & mdash; NATO in Brussels, 13 January & mdash; talks between representatives of Russia and the OSCE in Vienna.

The Russian Foreign Ministry on December 17 sent the US and NATO a draft treaty on the security of Russia and the countries & mdash; members of the North Atlantic Alliance. The Russian side proposed to abandon the creation of military bases in the former USSR countries and a ban on military activities on the territory of Ukraine.

Among other proposals & mdash; mutual renunciation of the deployment of armed forces and weapons in areas where such deployment would be perceived by the other side as a threat. There is also a clause in the document about the impossibility of unleashing a nuclear war.

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