From trams to airplanes. Donetsk residents at the forum “Transport of Russia-2021”

Rostov Region signed several beneficial agreements at the XV International Forum on Transport Development.

Everything for the comfort of residents

Forum “ Transport of Russia-2021 '' takes place in Moscow. It involves the heads of major companies and corporations, potential investors, government officials and heads of Russian regions. The Rostov Region presented its projects in the field of air and rail transport, as well as road construction.

An exhibition of the latest achievements in the field of transport and passenger transportation, which presented more than 90 latest developments, was also opened here. The Don exposition focuses on the complex modernization of the city tram network in the cities of Taganrog and Rostov-on-Don. Visitors to the exhibition can see a dynamic model of a modern Taganrog tram on a scale of 1:87 and a model of trams XIX & ndash; XX centuries from private collections.

Photo: Photo Government of the Rostov region

Next year the Rostov tram will celebrate 120 years and 90 years of the Taganrog one. But this type of transport is still relevant today. Hence the motto of the exposition: 'Rostov Region + tram revival'.

Agreement between Donetsk and Sinara on the creation of a high-speed tram in Rostov-on-Don was signed at the forum one of the first. 120 km of tram lines will be laid in the city. 98 new three-section tram cars will be added to the rolling stock. As a result, a system of modern high-speed tramway traffic will appear, which will connect the center of the Don capital with remote microdistricts. In addition to the investor's funds, the project involves other sources of financing. More than 51 billion rubles in total.

“ The tram infrastructure in Rostov-on-Don also needs updating. There, the tasks and scale of transformations are even greater. The Rostov project will be carried out with the support of the federal center, the project has already received approval from the government commission, & mdash; & nbsp; explained the Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev . & mdash; & nbsp; I am sure that all together we will be able to successfully implement everything we have conceived and in two stages carry out a complete modernization of the Rostov tram. This project is primarily aimed at improving the comfort of citizens. ''

Photo: Photo Government of Rostov Region

All roads lead to Don

The Donetsk residents signed another agreement with the investment company Region. It concerns the construction of the western expressway. This is a backup of Malinovskogo street in the Western residential area of ​​Rostov-on-Don and part of the future Rostov transport ring. The price of the issue is & mdash; & nbsp; 30 billion rubles, they also plan to implement the project on the basis of a public-private partnership.

The development of a convenient road transport network of the Don capital continues in the southern direction. The second stage of reconstruction of the southern entrance to Rostov-on-Don is underway. Here, the top layer of coverage has already been installed on four renewed lanes on the left side of the road from the reversal overpass to the floodplain bridge. There is a drainage device and street lighting. & Nbsp; The facility will be put into operation next year.

In the future & mdash; & nbsp; the creation of a large transport hub in the left-bank part of the Don capital. In addition, within the framework of the formation of the Rostov transport ring, the infrastructure project “ Bypass Aksai '' is being implemented. and the construction of the third stage of the northern bypass of Rostov continues. The project will connect 12 federal, regional and local highways.

In fact, a new route network of federal, regional and local highways will appear in the vicinity of Rostov, like the Moscow ring road.

Photo: Photo Government of Rostov region

Profitable partnership

At the forum “ Transport of Russia-2021 '' Rostov Region signed agreements with Azimut airlines and 'IrAero'. The first will launch routes from Platov airport to the Far East. And the second & nbsp; plans to open international flights to Paris, Yerevan and several domestic routes: to Novy Urengoy, Cheboksary and other directions.

Azimut; the parent company of Platov International Airport. Until 2026, the company will purchase new airliners for 3 billion rubles: ten aircraft & mdash; & nbsp; & quot; Sukhoi Superjet 100 & quot; and ten & mdash; & nbsp; Airbus A220.

Another Russian airline & nbsp; “ IrAero '' & mdash; & nbsp; for the don region, the carrier is new. But she has big plans in the region. The new partnership is beneficial for the region as well: it will expand the possibilities for its residents to depart from the Rostov airport in new directions. & Nbsp;

Photo: Photo Government of Rostov region

“ In 10 months of this year, the passenger traffic of Platov airport approached 2.5 million people, which is 38% more than in the same period last year. Today from & ldquo; Platov & rdquo; & nbsp; on a regular basis, flights are operated by 19 airlines in 41 directions, including 29 Russian and 12 international. With the arrival of another company, these areas will expand, which means that the residents of Don will have more opportunities to fly out, & mdash; & nbsp; said the Governor of Don.

Total at the forum “ Transport of Russia-2021 '' The Rostov region has signed agreements for more than 84 billion rubles. All of them are applied, aimed at specific areas, territories and sectors of the economy.

Photo: Photo Government of Rostov Region

By the way

Thanks to another signed agreement, Don residents will be able to pay for public transport using the Troika transport card.

This automated system will work both inside the Rostov region and beyond: the project will be launched next year. & nbsp; In the future, Troika; will become a universal card that will provide the opportunity to use, in addition to paying for travel, other services.


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