Giggs – Superheroes Lyrics

Swoop, swoop
Man’s a swooper
Man ain’t superheroes
Man’s just super
Man just scoop that Cooper
Man’s a scooper
Man just banged that shoot out
Man got shoot up
Man rolled up and banged out
Man got boot up
Man rolled up, strap hanged out
And banged that group up
Man stand up, that’s man down
And bang that coop up
Man caught slipping, flexing
Man banged that suit up
M-man got grouped up
You know that ride there?
Man’s on souped-up
Man’s got two pumps, one nine
Now man’s got two tucked
Man can get that version
But man’s got to cut
Man’s them shooters shooting
I see man’s got new ducks
Man wanna let that yout in
I see man’s got new bucks
Man wanna get that stupid
I see man’s got new guts
Man better get that loop in
Because man’s getting moved up
Man-man’s a shooter
Man’s no superhero
Man’s the future
Get that group chat working
Man’s a grouper
Music cooper trooper
And man’s King Koopa
Get that pussy popping
Boop, here’s a blooper
Fuck off, Addison
Use a Uber
Man ah beat that chick
Use a Krueger
Man don’t take no Ls
Use a loser

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