God wanted us to be lit – Red Cafe lyrics

Lyrics Red Cafe – God wanted us to be lit

God wanted us to be lit. (x7)

DopeGod back off in the city
Still keep a stick in case it get sticky
Girl you gone make me blow a bag
When I kill that thing I ain’t gone wear a mask
A boss need a boss lady versuri-lyrics.info
If her p*ssy good you know that girl crazy
Keep the fame I just want the change
You see they call me Balmain Jermaine
My hustle nonstop I got a super bag
You mad get a cape now be super mad
They hating but we lit
We still lit
Young rich nigga keep a rich b*tch.

God wanted us to be lit. (x7)

Skinny nigga but my dick good
I look professional but think hood
She only love me cause my bank full
Team full of sharks, try me boy the tank full
I got a b*tch that come from Africa
Another b*tch to hit up after her
Put them both together now they both looking so spectacular
Look at my homeboy say what you mean
I’m a bachelor I ain’t attached to her
My Taylor Gang campaign got them looking strange but I ain’t never goin’ change
I give a f*ck about the fame
Just cause I’m getting paid
Got two shows to do the same night
You know my name right.

God wanted us to be lit. (x7)

Shawty I heard you a badass
Come and hit this dope and the gas mask
My loud pack with the neighbors
Dope team I been with the Taylor’s
Shawty God wanted you to be thick
Ask how she get the a*s she goin’ plead the fifth
I know a freak when I see a freak
I beat the thing twice finna three-peat
I be trappin’ in designer
Nothing but dimes in my lineup
Nothing but stuff in my ..
And we goin’ launch a missile if they act up.

All the hate can’t stop this
God wanted us to be lit
God wanted us to be lit
God wanted us to be lit
Do your dance girl you know you bad
It’s your birthday girl you know you bad
God wanted us to be lit
God wanted us to be littt.
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