Greychus case. The organizer of the “Immortal Regiment” was made a spy in Lithuania

Can a person be sent to & nbsp; prison for & nbsp; the fact that he & nbsp; honors the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, has his own view of & nbsp; the past, even though & nbsp; the fact that it is for members of his family was not & nbsp; the most rosy? The Lithuanian authorities confidently answer: 'Of course they can!' ; aggressive & raquo; Lukashenka and & nbsp; do not & nbsp; allow a new flow of migrants to & nbsp; & nbsp; in Klaipeda a verdict was passed in & nbsp; the case of the organizer of the action “ Immortal Regiment '' Aleksey Greichus .

The public activist was sentenced to & nbsp; four years in prison on & nbsp; charges of & nbsp; espionage in & nbsp; favor of Russia.

Greychus case & mdash; it is like a parody of & nbsp; Soviet political detective of average quality, dedicated to the atrocities of pro-American regimes in & nbsp; Latin America of the 1970s. But in & nbsp; in this case, everything happens, unfortunately, in & nbsp; reality.

The history of the family of Alexei Greichus is similar to the history of the Lithuanian SSR, and & nbsp; and & nbsp; the Soviet Union as a whole. His grandmother and & nbsp; grandfather, Jonas and & nbsp; Marion Greichusa , in the & nbsp; years of the war, risking their own lives and & nbsp; the lives of their children, they hid a Jewish girl-teacher with themselves. Subsequently, the Israeli Institute “ Yad & nbsp; Vashem '' awarded the Greychuses the title of “ Righteous Among the Nations. ''

In & nbsp; 1949, the Greychus family, following a denunciation of one of the & nbsp; local residents, was ranked as & nbsp; hostile elements and & nbsp; exiled to & nbsp; Siberia. The youngest son of Jonas and & nbsp; Mariyona Rimantas in & nbsp; Siberia married a & nbsp; Russian girl Valentina … After the parents were released from exile, Rimantas stayed to live and & nbsp; work in Siberia. Then he moved with & nbsp; family to & nbsp; Lithuania and & nbsp; settled there. Having changed many professions, Rimantas Greichus became a journalist. His sharp reports thundered throughout the entire Lithuanian SSR. And & nbsp; in the & nbsp; years of independence, he & nbsp; became a writer, talking about the & nbsp; past of the country. In & nbsp; including & nbsp; about & nbsp; things about & nbsp; which in & nbsp; Lithuania today is not & nbsp; customary to remember: for example, about & nbsp; post-war terror, deployed by detachments of the “ forest brothers ''. To write such things about & nbsp; those who are ranked among the heroes in & nbsp; independent Lithuania is to make yourself big trouble.

“ Victims of terror '' bdquo; forest & ldquo; in & nbsp; period from & nbsp; 1944 to & nbsp; 25 & nbsp; thousand 108 civilians of Lithuania & raquo;

In an & nbsp; interview with Baltnews in & nbsp; 2020, Rimantas stated: “ Indeed, in & nbsp; those & nbsp; post-war years, these so-called heroes killed over 1006 & nbsp; children. Total & nbsp; same victims of terror & bdquo; forest & ldquo; in the & nbsp; period from & nbsp; 1944 to & nbsp; 1954, 25 & nbsp; 108 civilians of Lithuania became … In & nbsp; a new book, I & nbsp; describe the tragedy of the village of Opsrutai. In & nbsp; November 1947, a detachment of & bdquo; forest & ldquo; attacked the & nbsp; village, 33 & nbsp; residents were killed … Russians lived in the & nbsp; village, and & nbsp; therefore, it was decided to destroy them. Now in the & nbsp; village of Opsrutai there is no monument to innocent victims, but & nbsp; there is a monument to the executioners. Paradox? Yes, but & nbsp; there are many such paradoxes in & nbsp; Lithuania.

Yes & nbsp; and & nbsp; about & nbsp; about the current state of affairs Greichus responds very harshly: “ Over & nbsp; 30 & nbsp; years, over a million people left Lithuania. If there is such & nbsp; freedom & ldquo; in our country, why do people flee in droves across the border? Here politicians from the & nbsp; Conservative Party say: & bdquo; Everything is fine, Lithuania is prosperous, and & nbsp; who leaves & nbsp; & mdash; let him go. This is their & nbsp; problem & ldquo; & raquo ;.


The son of Rimantas Greichus went to his father. Alexey Greichus & nbsp; & mdash; activist of the left movement, defender of the memory of the & nbsp; Great Patriotic War, opponent of the praise of Lithuanian collaborators. In & nbsp; modern Lithuania, this is quite enough to get into the & nbsp; list of unreliable.

In recent years, Greichus has held commemorative events dedicated to the liberation of the city of Klaipeda (January 28 & nbsp;), Victory Day and & nbsp; other important dates from the & nbsp; history of the Great Patriotic War. Through his efforts, the organization of the “ Immortal Regiment '' was carried out in & nbsp; Klaipeda.

Aleksey Greichus was arrested in & nbsp; March 2020 by the State Security Department of Lithuania. He was accused of & nbsp; espionage in & nbsp; favor of Russia. Initially, he was placed in a & nbsp; jail, but then the lawyers managed to get the man transferred to house arrest.

The case was transferred to the & nbsp; court in & nbsp; March 2021 & nbsp; year, and & nbsp; only then did the general public become aware of what is being charged to Greichus .

According to & nbsp; the version of the investigation, Greichus, and & nbsp; also another citizen of Lithuania, managing director of the Baltic Youth Association Juvenis Mindaugas Tunikaitis , independently of each other, were recruited by an agent of the FSB of Russia.

Russian intelligence all around

“ The acquaintance, which began as a supposedly accidental contact at the & nbsp; border crossing, and & nbsp; minor requests from a person who introduced himself as Peter, for example, to buy a wall calendar or a bottle of wine in & nbsp; Lithuania, in & nbsp; eventually turned into & nbsp; activity against the state '', & nbsp; & nbsp; ; it says in & nbsp; materials of the Lithuanian prosecutor's office.

According to the Lithuanian special services, the FSB agent is a representative of the Kaliningrad military-patriotic public organization Victory Fund; from & nbsp; Kaliningrad Petr Tarashkevichus , with & nbsp; with which Greychus collaborated with & nbsp; 2016 in & nbsp; events to & nbsp; perpetuate the memory of the fallen soldiers of the Red Army. Organization “ Victory Fund '' was not & nbsp; the only one with which Greichus collaborated in a similar way. The Kaliningrad Fund financially helped to hold public events dedicated to Victory Day and & nbsp; other memorable dates.

At the end of 2019, the youth organization Juvenis, headed by Alexey Greichus, began preparations for the & nbsp; 75th Victory anniversary celebration. Suddenly, representatives of the Lithuanian State Security Department came to Greychus and announced that there was no “ Victory Fund '' no, but & nbsp; Alexei communicates with a & nbsp; Russian intelligence officer using the & nbsp; surname Chagin.

He was strongly advised to curtail his activities, threatening with accusations of & nbsp; espionage. Aleksey Greichus, however, was sure that Tarashkevichus had nothing to do with & nbsp; intelligence. Moreover, no assignments, in the slightest degree similar to & nbsp; agents, a representative of the Victory Fund he was not & nbsp; entrusted.

After Greychus did not & nbsp; heed the warnings, a case was opened against him and & nbsp;

Photo from & nbsp; Immortal Regiment; may be evidence of espionage?

But & nbsp; in the & nbsp; course of the trial, obviously, facts were to be presented that testify to the & nbsp; espionage activities of the organizer of the Immortal Regiment; in & nbsp; Klaipeda?

And & nbsp; here the most interesting begins: in the materials of the Lithuanian Department of State Security it is confirmed that the money of the Victory Fund; were allocated for concerts and & nbsp; commemorative events. And & nbsp; the “ espionage activity '' itself consisted in & nbsp; collection of information about & nbsp; the situation of Russian compatriots and & nbsp; about & nbsp; the general political situation in & nbsp; Lithuania. It's not & nbsp; about & nbsp; closed, but & nbsp; about & nbsp; open information. That & nbsp; is, according to the & nbsp; opinion of the Lithuanian special services, Greichus supplied the FSB with & nbsp; what could be read in the & nbsp; media.

Director of the State Security Department of Lithuania Darius Jauniškis said: “I want to emphasize that the collection and & nbsp; transfer of any publicly available information to foreign intelligence organizations is a crime. It doesn't matter what exactly is in the & nbsp; photo that you & nbsp; transferred: a section of the main street or a pot with a & nbsp; flower.

Exactly in & nbsp; this logic, in & nbsp; as evidence of Greychus's espionage activities, photographs were presented from & nbsp; events that he & nbsp; sent to Tarashkevichus by & nbsp; e-mail.

At the same time, the Victory Fund; officially registered in & nbsp; Russia, information about & nbsp; it is not & nbsp; is closed. That & nbsp; there is, in fact, no serious evidence that Greichus worked with & nbsp; representatives of the Russian special services, no. The Lithuanian State Security Department offered to believe him on the & nbsp; word.

& nbsp; In & nbsp; Lithuania the most holy and & nbsp; weighty word at & nbsp; DGB & raquo;

Oleksiy Greichus, on the eve of the verdict, wrote on & nbsp; his page in & nbsp; social network: “ Well, '' what, tomorrow we will find out what is & nbsp; Lithuania & nbsp; & mdash; independent and & nbsp; European, a member of the European Union, democratic and & nbsp; protecting freedom of speech and & nbsp; fundamental human rights, & mdash; justice, there is & nbsp; is it … Tomorrow is a verdict, and & nbsp; something tells me that it is not & nbsp; acquittal … Despite & nbsp; lack of guilt of the defendant, lack of evidence in & nbsp; charges … The state order must be fulfilled. Indeed, in & nbsp; Lithuania the most sacred and & nbsp; weighty word at & nbsp; DGB. It reminds me of something … ''

As mentioned above, the Klaipeda court sentenced Greichus to & nbsp; 4 & nbsp; years in prison. The second defendant, Mindaugas Tunikaitis, who agreed to plead guilty, received 1.5 years in prison.

The Russian Embassy in & nbsp; Lithuania on & nbsp; its Facebook page reacted to the & nbsp; verdict of the court: “ We consider the actions of the Lithuanian authorities shameful, having imposed a sentence in & nbsp; the form of four years in prison, A. Greicius, chairman of the youth association & nbsp; ; Immortal Regiment & ldquo; in & nbsp; Klaipeda. Ridiculous allegations of & nbsp; ties with & nbsp; & bdquo; Russian intelligence & ldquo;, & bdquo; photographing & ldquo; conducted by the activist himself of cultural events, as well as & nbsp; consideration of the case in & nbsp; closed mode & nbsp; & mdash; another unsightly page of politicized and & nbsp; biased judicial practice in & nbsp; Lithuania, evidence of obsession with & nbsp; spy mania. A new round of political repression of Vilnius in & nbsp; respect to its own citizens deserves attention and & nbsp; a corresponding reaction from & nbsp; the side of relevant international organizations.

Why does Vilnius need all this? In order for no other opinion to exist in the & nbsp; country. The regime that arose in Lithuania after the collapse of the USSR considers the memory of the & nbsp; heroes of the Great Patriotic War, mass actions in honor of those who defeated fascism as a direct threat. The stubborn ones who continue to defend their point of view are punished exponentially, in & nbsp; edification to others.

And & nbsp; the more active the flow of Lithuanian youth seeking happiness in the & nbsp; countries of “ old Europe '', the harder the thought is driven into & nbsp; the heads of those who remain about & nbsp; “ Russian threat ''. And & nbsp; how else to explain & nbsp; the fact that the paradise promised three decades ago never & nbsp; did not come?


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