Half Man Half Biscuit – Knobheads On Quiz Shows lyrics

[Verse 1]
What possessed you to apply,
Did your friends with good advice implode?
We should hang you up in chains
Let you rot beside the ill paved road.
Born too late for the First World War;
The Siege of Troy was long before my time.
Naseby, Jutland, Agincourt; characters perhaps from pantomime.

[Verse 2]
Authors, sport, landlocked states; capitals of Europe and their size.
Breeds of dog; famous dates, kind of hoping these things don’t arise.
I don’t watch films in black and white
The trees and clouds and birds have passed me by.
I’ll just guess and hope I’m right
The first man into space was Captain Bligh.

Good luck back in work, they’ll’ve heard you were on
Have you got the file for Mr Out In Round One?
Harken a cuckoo – or is it a wren?
Don’t ever darken our doorstep again……….

[Verse 3]
Truth is beauty, beauty truth, all you know on earth – all you need to know.
Superb, succinct, pity then for you it’s not quite so.
Hickstead, Hickstead, Hickstead, Hickstead? Duck soup, 1933.
Words beginning with K N O,
Words that end in B H E A D………..

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