Homerik – An Angel Of Darkness lyrics


“holy city of giants,

Money, beasts, devils,

The anti-Christ is raising,

Oh, father of evil! “

Verse 1:

“As I soar through the sky,

I judge those who cross divine planes,

The hourglass slowly expels,

The flame that guides him slowly dies. “


The planes beneath,

Will be engulfed,

In flames of incandescent fire!


All the vices,

Of the one redeemed in mire!


Unexplored to those,

Who prey upon the mourn,


And be stricken,

Now and all forevermore!


“Death follows me,

Fear entices thee,

Burning the canvas,

Sears these mortals,

Angel of death takes the first,

Into a grave of thorns,

It is this,

Chosen by he,

For fire is a crown,

To he, the one who is untimely damned! “


Verse 2:

Covet into desperation,

Hope from you is all in vain,

Strength is fading,

It condemns those who believe that you are free!



Verse 3:

Thy spirit consumes the pure of heart,

It is the essence of thy art,

Quite deadly my blood boils,

Bringing an end to this turmoil,

It has taken me to a place beyond darkness,

This world,

A void of emptiness,

Is yet filled with the phlegm of the dead,

And It brings all to tears!




I am the ghost,

I walk through walls.

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