Homerik – Bread And Circuses lyrics

Chorus 1:

“in the universe,

Mother Earth spins,

And crying she asks God,

To please heal her wounds. “

Verse 1:

We the innocent,




Grind the scours of life,


The struggle to stay alive!


Keep us buried deep

With their ponderous lies and deceit.


At its finest!

Keep us locked away

And blind to the truth.

Chorus 2:

“The fruit of ignorance,

Is what we have in front of us,

‘Bread and circuses to the people, ‘

That’s how it has always been. “

Verse 2:

Sovereigns seize

Our one right to live,

With corruption being

Their only vanguard.

Us, the sheep of princes,

The brood of simplicity…

Bread and circuses

For the livestock of human kind!


“My dreams, like yours,

Have steel chains,

Wrapped to the ambitions.

Of those who don’t have dreams. “

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