Horrible Histories – The 4 Georges: Born 2 Rule lyrics

George I:
I took the throne of England
Just ’cause I was protestant
A German prince whose English stank,
King George number one

George II:
I like to argue, now that’s clear
Especially with my father here
And when he died of diarrhoea
I fought with my son

George III:
I broke records with my sixty year reign

George VI:
And I broke the scales with my giant frame

Born to rule over you
King George four, three, one and two
You had to do what we told you to
Just because our blood was blue

George I:
I was a hunk, girls adored me
Ladies all swooned before me
They would do anything for me
Or I’d have their husbands killed

George II:
Had a war with Prince Charles Bonnie

George III:
Everyone said that I was f-f-funny

George IV:
I spent everyone’s money

Our subjects were not thrilled

George I:
I was the sad one,

George II:
I was the bad one

George III
I was the mad one,

George IV:
and I was the fat one

We were born to rule over you
Georges one, three, four and two
England’s kings, though we were German too
Him, then him, then me, then you

(We were born)Born to rule over you(born 2 rule)

George I:
Gorged on fruit then I died on the loo

People hated us, and we hated them too
Born to rule over you

Born to rule over you

George III:
Me I was as batty as a bonkers kangaroo

George IV:
Me I would have been more at home in a zoo
And now, now our song is through.



George III:

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