Hussain Manawer – I’m Ashamed lyrics

I’m ashamed

I’m ashamed to be citizen of this world
Where we breed corruption, deceit, and inequality between boys and girls
I’m ashamed of myself
Indulged in temptation, desire and wealth

I’m so ashamed I don’t cry I laugh
I’m ashamed my grandparents fought for my education whilst I bunked in
The park
I’m ashamed at my work rate, the generation before us kept it together
And worked hard
I’m ashamed we let the smallest things get
Political and tear us apart

I’m ashamed we value success via likes and shares
I’m ashamed we spend our pay cheques dancing to techno sounds, drums and
House parties, raves, west end bottles and flares
I’m so ashamed that I don’t even care

I’m ashamed we are so connected and equally disconnected similuationaly
I’m ashamed we watch polar ice caps melt and think it’s happened

I’m ashamed that when I look up to the sky and think of my contribution
Its halfhearted prayers from my attic window and bags full of pollution

I’m ashamed my footprint is made of carbon
I’m ashamed I find more peace and solace with eesa watching in the night

I’m ashamed I burden my friendships with Ahmed and Sajid
And then send messages in the morning saying sorry about that its cool now
I can manage

I’m ashamed we are looked at by color
I’m ashamed our phones connect quicker to the Internet in someone’s
Home then our hearts do with each other

I’m ashamed the media has become a weapon of mass distraction
I’m ashamed the greatest hero of us all was a man made out of plastic but
We called him action

I’m ashamed that the people of Rohingya are dissolving within our eyes
I’m ashamed to be alive in a time were we are still using words like the
Holocaust and genocide
I’m ashamed it’s even a debate that Sandra Bland committed suicide

I’m ashamed freedom doesn’t come freely
I’m ashamed we don’t know the story of aafia sadiqee

I’m ashamed, that in my throat I feel a lump
And ashamed till the death of me that hundreds of years of slavery is only
Taught in a single month

I’m ashamed we did the mannequin challenge whilst the orphans were
I’m ashamed that Syria has lost its children and Aleppo has fallen

Im ashamed we didn’t focus in history and ran through our corridors
When we should have been learning about kunte kente, anne frank and how
Much heart it took to escape from sobibor

I’m ashamed our intelligence is artificial and cannot breathe
I’m ashamed we created a virtual world because we destroyed the world we
Can really see,
I’m ashamed we elected world’s leaders that cannot lead

I’m ashamed terror has depressed the planet
I’m ashamed anxiety is imbedding itself in the granite

I’m ashamed we will take this moment for what it is
And in a few hours be even more ashamed because I’ll continue like it
Didn’t exist

We travelled fast
But we moved slow,
We developed quick,
We didn’t grow

I learnt it all on Wanstead Park Bridge, in valentine’s park and belgrave
One thing I’m not ashamed to say is this, is home sweet home,

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