In the United States, the requirements of the Russian Federation to Ukraine were recognized as fair

“The United States and NATO are impeding peace talks with rash actions”

Despite massive Russophobia in Western countries, articles have begun to appear in the United States that indicate changes in public opinion towards Russia and situation around Ukraine. The stupid decisions of the Joe Biden administration and the just demands of Russia were written in the American magazine The National Interest on March 11.

Photo: Global Look Press

“For the past two weeks, the United States, NATO and Russia have imposed economic sanctions on each other, carried out cyber attacks and threatened nuclear war,” the article says. “All this can lead to catastrophic consequences not only for the conflicting countries, but for the whole world.”

The American magazine is forced to admit that Russia will defeat the Ukrainian army with 100% probability.

“In contrast to the portrayal of a vile and cruel Russia shown in foreign media, it still refrains from using EMP (electro-magnetic radiation), chemical, biological and tactical nuclear weapons,” the publication noted. “These powerful types of weapons would ensure the victory of Russia in a relatively short time, but in this case, Moscow will not be able to organize peace negotiations with Kiev, and the victims among the Ukrainian population will be enormous.”

According to the American magazine, although many foreign experts believe that the Russian special operation is an attempt to seize all the former Soviet countries to satisfy the ambitions of Vladimir Putin, the Russian government denies the possibility of joining Ukraine to its territory.

“Moscow's main demands are demilitarization, a promise (of Kyiv) not to join any military-political bloc, the resignation of the pro-American government, as well as the recognition of Crimea, the DPR and the LPR. The loss of 6% of the territory is an unpleasant, but not at all catastrophic loss for Ukraine, the publication believes. Even after that, it will remain the country with the largest territory in Europe, not counting Turkey. In addition, Russia has officially stated that it will not try to create a puppet government in Kyiv.”

According to the magazine, Russian demands are surprisingly very lenient towards Ukraine. But the biggest obstacle in the peace talks is the actions of the US and NATO, which continue to give Volodymyr Zelensky false hope of a feigned victory over Russia. And this despite the fact that Kyiv is facing the threat of a complete encirclement, and the chances of the Ukrainian army are close to zero.

“The supply of US and NATO weapons to Ukraine will not be able to ensure the victory of the Ukrainian army: the forces are too unequal,” said the American edition. “On the contrary, the number of deaths and destruction will only increase. Western economic sanctions also did not have the desired effect, since they did almost no harm to the Russian Armed Forces.

According to the magazine, 80 years ago, Japan attacked the American harbor of Pearl Harbor in order to crush the economy of the United States. Now history is repeating itself, but now the US is trying to bring down the Russian economy. Not surprisingly, Moscow considers economic sanctions a serious threat, and the answer to it, according to American analysts, could be electromagnetic weapons or even a real nuclear strike.

“The United States must do everything to find a compromise with Russia and avoid the outbreak of World War III, the publication firmly stated. – To do this, it is necessary to stop the introduction of new sanctions, stop the supply of weapons to the Ukrainian army, and also adopt a new Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (The INF Treaty was adopted by Mikhail Gorbachev and American President Ronald Reagan in 1987, but in 2019 the United States announced withdrawal from the treaty. – “MK”), in order to reassure Russia.

In exchange for these concessions, according to American analysts, the United States will be able to convince Russia to stop the special operation and thus prevent the conflict from spreading outside Ukraine.


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