Investigative Committee of Belarus found a montage in a recording of negotiations with a Ryanair pilot

Investigative Committee of Belarus: the recording of negotiations with the Ryanair pilot published by Poland was edited The Polish recording of the negotiations between the dispatcher of the Minsk airport and the pilot of the Ryanair aircraft, on which Roman Protasevich was flying, was digitally processed, the UK said

the airport and the pilot of the Ryanair liner, on board which was flying the former editor-in-chief of the Nexta Telegram channel (the Belarusian authorities recognized him as extremist) Roman Protasevich, there are signs of installation. This was stated by the deputy head of the department of the Investigative Committee for Minsk Andrei Motolko in the film of the ONT TV channel.

Last December, this recording was made public by the press secretary of the Minister-Coordinator of the Polish special services Stanislav Zharin. According to Motolko, her phonoscopic examination was carried out in Belarus. The experts came to the conclusion that the recording “ contains areas with signs of editing, characteristic of combining several previously recorded phonograms, '' says a representative of the Investigative Committee. This means the recording has been modified and digitally altered, he says.

On the recording provided by Warsaw, one can hear that the dispatcher and the pilot communicate in English, but during the negotiations the employee of the Minsk airport is advised in Russian by an outsider. The dispatcher informed the aircraft commander that, according to the information he received, there was a bomb on board the airliner, and recommended the pilot to land in Minsk.

In Warsaw, they said that the instructions to the air traffic controller, who contacted the pilot of the plane and gave him a false message about the bomb, were given by a KGB officer of Belarus. However, the ONT channel claims that the person with whom the dispatcher consulted, & mdash; this is the head of flights of the Minsk regional dispatch center Yevgeny Tsyganov.

“ This is my voice. The crew requested a lot of information. The dispatcher might not know. I intervened knowing my documents. And I made decisions. The final decision is mine, & mdash; Tsyganov said. & mdash; When making a decision, the crew asked what code the situation had. I said the code is red. ''

The head of the aviation department of the Belarusian Ministry of Transport Artem Sikorsky, commenting on the post made public by Poland, accused the Ryanair pilot of violating the instructions. According to him, the crew commander, having received the code “ red '', should have landed the plane at the nearest airfield, that is, in Vilnius, and not fly to Minsk. At the same time, Ryanair previously said that the crew received information about mining from Belarusian air traffic controllers, who gave instructions to land the plane in Minsk.

The Ryanair plane flying from Athens to Vilnius was forced to land in Minsk on 23 May. Protasevich and his girlfriend, a Russian woman, Sofya Sapega, were taken off the flight and detained, and later they were arrested. The ex-editor-in-chief of Nexta was accused of organizing riots. Until June 25, Protasevich and Sapega were in a pre-trial detention center, but then they entered into a pre-trial agreement with the investigation, they were transferred to house arrest. On December 8, Sapieha was finally charged with incitement to social hatred and discord, crimes against information security, rules for handling personal data, threats against law enforcement officers.

Before the publication of the recording of the talks by The New York Times with a link The sources said that the dispatcher, who fled from Belarus to Poland, told the law enforcement agencies of this country that the threat of an explosion on board the liner was deliberately false. He called the emergency landing of the airliner an operation to capture Protasevich, organized by the Belarusian special service.

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