Iranian drone called a serious threat to US HIMARS

Moscow may be interested in strike UAVs and stealth drones in Tehran

The US government said this week that Iran will sell hundreds of drones to Russia for use in Ukraine during a special military operation. Despite the fact that representatives of both countries did not confirm this information, the international community was seriously interested in a possible deal.

By According to the American magazine Forbes, Russia lacks armed drones like the Turkish Bayraktar TB2. Despite the confirmed facts of the use of Russian Orion UAVs in Ukraine, equipped with aerial bombs and missiles, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation use them extremely rarely.

The magazine called the Iranian Shahed-129 the most attractive drone for Russia. Armed with guided fragmentation bombs called Sadid-345, the drone is capable of easily destroying American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems.

“In addition, Russia may be interested in the Mohajer-6 armed drone, as well as stealth drones, for example , Shahed-181 and Shahed-191», — the publication suggested.

An American magazine revealed that Iran has been producing and using drones for decades. The reason for the technological gap with other countries in this area was the economic sanctions adopted by the United States against Tehran. It was believed that they should weaken Iran, but the lack of any opportunity to purchase foreign aerial equipment, on the contrary, led to the active development of their own unmanned aerial vehicles.

“The booming production of drones in Iran includes dozens of different types drones: more than 200 items in total, including prototypes, — noted the publication. — Russia already has enough small drones: Orlan-10; can be called the basis of the Russian unmanned fleet. This unmanned aerial vehicle determines the location of targets for Russian artillery, but weapons are not installed on it. In four and a half months, the Russian Armed Forces lost only 70 Orlan-10 units, while their total number is about two thousand.


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