J-LeScientific – Hashtag Savage lyrics

A savage was born

Hashtag Savage Hashtag Savage
Hashtag Savage Hashtag Savage

As I lay my feet upon, the damn ground
All these pretended be, Hashtag mcs
Fall back down, to the underground
And try to rise again, Hashtag Zombies

But I’m not here, to bury them
Like the system, carry them
Not to blast, slash incinerate
Put them in a coffin, and still hate

But Now rappers are lifting bars, and Drop it like a drop set
While I drop bars, like odb dropping babies (Rip)
Flint stone in my hand, I impress you cavemen
But On the other hand, I Keep on finger fuck the damn game

Yeah I’m raw like that, but I Didn’t step in game
All trap for the fame, psychotic like victor Zazs
”Phantasming” mcs In body bag
Counting days left, mauled with hashtag

(You did)

Self snitch rappers, wanna be future rappers
Slash stupid rappers, whats 9+10
Hashtag savage rappers, I Stepped in the industry
Not to slay these rapper, or Grab them by the pussy

Not to copycat these rats, or get twice their money
Hastag fact Hommie, not for glory
But for the sake of my community, cuz I’m a real negga
I strangle the mic, instead of a trigger

You run out of amo, trying be a O. G
While I’m walking in the street, loaded a like G. O. D
Money comes to me, death walks me with me
Finger scratch mcs, blood spill in my whine

I drink poison viciously
But I’m still alive
My chest pumping out my blood, cuz I’m getting rid of parasites
You can run, but you can’t hide

You get stock in the corner, no matter what your size
Cockroaches are meant to die
You ain’t king of any hill, but Still stand still
Underneath my shadow balls, you ‘re trying do left right

I will, drop bars, you jab like a crowbar
Now you Trying to punch line, I drop more bars
So Stay behind the line, cuz you behind bars
If you think you spit that fine, negga get you Chocolate bars

Bars, bars
Hashtag bars

But I’m not here kill you, maybe simply
Destroy your point of view, or Slap you with a shoe
Cuz With the mic I’m so wild, hashtag savage
Even the wire goes wild, slash rampage

Whipping in every direction, can’t cross intersection
Unlimited ammunition, innocently make mass instinction
Cuz I got bullet to share, but shoot like solar flare
While you rappers tryna rap, But instead you scream

Where do you put the mic at, its not a lubricated beam
Beam, (Hashtag Ambiance)

I Gotta protect the culture, from this app
Cuz everybody act, like they can rap
Startin in ma city, mtl
See me in every hood

Running for the game nfl
Oops I’m canadian, nhl
But don’t get it twisted, Y’all know from where I made it
Made it

Hashtag Savage Hashtag Savage
Hashtag Savage

Hashtag negga

Hashtag Savage

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