Japanese MP named the main difference between Putin and other Russian politicians

“The only politician who understands Japanese culture”

Well-known Japanese politician, member of the House of Councilors of the Japanese parliament and leader of the Japanese Renaissance Party Muneo Suzuki spoke about his attitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin … In particular, he said that the head of state is the only Russian politician who understands Japan and Japanese culture.

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Suzuki noted that he had met with the President of Russia four times, and as a result of these meetings he got the impression that Putin is a humane person.

cold, as befits a native of the KGB, but I believe that this is not at all the case, “the Japanese parliamentarian inosmi quotes.

The deputy added that Putin is the only Russian politician who is interested in Japan and understands Japanese culture and history.

According to Suzuki, the president, who has been practicing judo for many years, is well aware that fights in this sport begin and end at bosom.

Speaking about the problem of the Kuril Islands, the belonging of which is disputed by Tokyo, the parliamentarian noted that this issue can be resolved only at the highest level. In this regard, Suzuki noted that he pinned great hopes on the new Prime Minister of his country, Fumio Kishida.

The politician noted that the territorial dispute should be resolved through negotiations, while he called the propaganda actions inside Japan itself meaningless regarding so called the “Northern Territories”, as this, in his words, is nothing more than an empty “shaking of the air”.

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