Jason Upton – Father Son Spirit lyrics

[Verse 1]
Father, You Father me
With Holy Love
With grace and peace
Your mercy, surprises me
It heals my heart
It helps me see

I am overwhelmed
The longer I’m aware
Aware that You love me
I am overwhelmed
The more that I’m aware
Aware that You’re near

You’re the voice I hear calling my name
You’re the song inside my head
You’re the whisper in the wind and the rain
When I listen

[Verse 2]
Jesus, Holy One
The darkest night
The brightest sun
Jesus, You never fail
You’re God with us

[Verse 3]
Spirit, Abiding One
You are the Father
You are the Son
Your Presence has overcome
The new creation
It has begun

[Chorus x2]
In the morning, in the morning
Your mercies are new (repeat)

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