Jeezy – Going Crazy

Heard that new Jizzle, boy he going crazy
Dropped some new s**t got them going crazy
Dropped it in the spot and they was going crazy
Brought it back from the top and they was going crazy
Real ni**as at the spot and they was going crazy
Real ni**as bang up top you know we going crazy
Young Jizzle from the block you know he going crazy
When they play this at the spot you know they going crazy

Said I’m just that ni**a, I’m just that ni**a
And this is me talking, it ain’t the liquor
Diamonds in my damn chain, I’m going crazy
I talk to your bi**h like a politician
Told her give me brain, take me
You know that you’re the one try some new things
You know she ate it up just like a cutter board
I’m counting old paper, call it dinosaur
Gotta….then gotta….to Fresno
Said she like the taste, she drinking light Prosecco
I’m killing with the field I’m Charlie Manson
Exactly what you want, I’m strapped and handsome

Montana from the block got em going crazy
My youngings slanging white like it’s still the 80’s
You claim that you the realest when your watch fugazy
Show me whose your jeweler man, that boy crazy
She tried to charge me for the box man, shawty crazy
I ain’t tryna blow your spot up but this s**t is crazy
All I wanted was a mil and a new Mercedes
Now I’m jumping on these ni**as like the new McGrady
White House, black Rollie
In South Bronx they know me
You can’t talk, gotta show em
The brown bags, ya own em
Take these then call me
That brain freeze ain’t on me
You can’t hate, can’t hold me
I whip foreigns like I stole em

The smoke up by my weed got…serious
She thinking we together? She delirious
From the cradle to the grave, the cradle to the grave
Who made this beat? A sound like me it tailor made
You know I’m in that bi**h just like expensive suits, money
Bi**h I’m in that mansion just like the Yeezy boots
I got rich off butter…that Betty Crocker
It ain’t my fault just like I’m Silkk The Shocker