Jimmy Prime – Intro (Bleeding Bull Album)

Welcome to the (x3)
Welcome to the city, where them niggas get busy
And them bitches all stripping, and the fly niggas pimping
Champagne sipping and the cocaine flipping
The whole team sipping in the codine system

[Verse 1]
From the block to the stoop
Stoop to the crib
Crib to the whip
Whip to the strip
Post on the strip
Kick it with bitches thats all on my tip, the tip of my dick
Tell em to lick, speaking of licks, I’ve been want to hit
A nigga with bricks
Willing to risk, my life with some grip, to say that we rich, bitch
Roll that weed, I’m tryna get high, strap on my vest, I’m tryna survive
Staying alive, rolling with niggas thats willing to die, nigga we prime
And I just hope this game don’t change me, I hope it don’t drive me crazy
Said it before, but only cool niggas can relate to me
Might be hating now might take a week
But Ima be the man just wait and see, cause I got plans from A-Z
And I got work and I hate to sleep, so that bitch better twerk or just take a seat
Cause I’m the fucking man niggas pray to be

And it’s crazy, so crazy
This life shit is so crazy(x4)

[Verse 2]
Find me in them spots where them players be
Daps and pounds as they greeting me
Through smoke crowds like I’m seeing things
Them Backwoods and THC
And all the good girls wanna roll out
And all the bad bitches wanna go down, in the bathroom, or in the backseat, or on a backstreet, or on a rooftop
Busy getting busy with a new bop, while you busy getting busy with a tube sock
I’m Tupacs with twin Glocks
Piss drunk and pissed off, looking at about 30 missed calls
And I don’t even know like where to start
These bitches on my balls don’t know when to stop, yeah
These bitches on my balls don’t know when to stop

It’s crazy, so crazy
So crazy

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