John & Jason – I Never Got To Nashville lyrics

He was so social admired by most
He knew all the right people from coast to coast
He played to big crowds and knew how to play his cards
He was an idol, a star from the start

I was a loner, a bit wary and shy
But deep in me was music, so I gave myself a try
I played to the mirror, had unreachable dreams
But I just had to sing out loud what I really feel

Once I tried to get to Nashville
But I got lost on my way
Lost all my courage and the my hunger for fame
He shined in the spotlight I stayed in the shade
I never got to Nashville
But I got lucky
I got lucky my own way

He was always ready to conquer the whole world
But I chose the crossroad and life down to earth
I was more a family man I liked my home town
I wrote songs to my loved ones and always stayed around

When I met him after years, he said that everything´s alright
But behind his smile I noticed sorrow in his eyes
Was it something that I told him or something that I did
I guess he just saw my happiness ´bout my wife and kids

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