Johnathan Miller – Lonely House lyrics

At first, I thought it was your hands
Then I got another glance at you

First you thought I was a fool
I guess, you really never knew me at all


So, I found you
Sittin’ in your old house alone
With no one who cared
About you at all
And I was there
To help you believe in yourself again
So you wouldn’t go
Up off the deep end

But you craved my heart
With your “prodigious” hands
Thought I wanted something else
When all I wanted was to make friends

You wasted my time
Now I’m done cryin!


So sit right there
In your lonely house, alone
With no one who cares
For you at all

I hope you realize
All I wanted was
For you to believe again
Before you jumped off the deep end

And when you realize
In your lonely house, alone
That I was friend
Who really cared for you the most

I hope it tears down all the walls you built inside
Filled with all your demons
And where your ghost resides
In your lonely home

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