Jxylen – Faith Lyrics

I Never stopped
Because I knew
Was Gonna be that shit

I never quit
Because I knew this was the
Life id live

I kept going
I kept going

Never changed
In this path
With the pressure that’s on back
And it’s stabbing me

Some friends
That were liars
We never speaking again

My focus sharpened
So I grew up

Don’t no give a f*ck
About some shit unless it’s pushing me

No tummy tuck
Yes I’m speaking from my gut

And I’m gunning
At Mothaf*ckas
In my way
So start running
They fear me

This god flow
From a sober soul
It’s clearly
I ain’t like
You other niggas
Been spiteful
So you’ll get it
I aim at all you
Lil niggas
Been painful
Ever since
Lost love in this
That I miss
I won’t quit
Till this day
I’ll keep fighting for shit
Cause I love it

I pray my
Demons don’t take
Me down
While I’m running

Don’t save me

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