Jxylen – Kmc Lyrics

Called it
Who is you
To tell me
I’ve been off it

Start it
Less it’s what’s I feel
And then I target

Made me the hardest
My conscience just kept on

From blacking out
On these tracks
And The darkness
Made me an artist

So please
Give what I need
And then I’m going

Get up
Off my balls
If you not riding

Cause you crossed me
Taught Me

To Guard
My feelings
You Fiends
Won’t stop me

Cannot see
Still Eye to eye
And Your blind
But your still walking

So stop it
Playing Hangman
Against this prophet
That seen plenty of things
My mind bending
And bleeds

From life’s

It’s seems

I’ve seen
So many things
That made me go
Out and
Lease havoc
Turn savage

Flowing good intentions
Tend to stab me

I’m Sticking straight to myself
But bastards
Just Never had me

My soul
Stayed In this rapping
For you
It was the last thing

And Never me
You just passing

From being a little bitch
And the truth is you never had it


(Chorus) x2
Stop it
Talking all that shit
Like you still fit in
Boy just stop it

Moving like you King
But you ain’t fit it
Boy just stop it

Shitting on you
For living
I can’t stop it

Niggas I can’t stop this
So stop it

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