Jxylen – Slave Lyrics

Mind of a slave
These shackles on my feet
Just have me falling
Running from my demons
And this death can hear it calling
f*ck yeah
Nobody gave a f*ck On how I feel
Felt Worthless
These pennies for my thoughts
Just saved my torment
Pushing in this path
Said f*ck it So imma do this
Helped out my mom out
Then hoped out
To just to do this
Almost Left behind From some
My family Tryna do this
This not f*cking game
This is my life
And y’all just choosing
So I sacrificed it all
So don’t call me left the car
The house and left my moms
So I can proceed don’t hold me
Focused on these tokens
To hit this jackpot
Ain’t settling for lesser
No more
No no

I’m running
Make the way I pave
As I’m searching for this freedom
Like a runaway slave

I’m running
I’m running
Leaving all this pain
You can see it in mental
You can feel it as it rain

I’m running

I’m going head first
Might leave me in hearse
Sometimes I feel alot

Who would’ve
Knew that a pay check
Tell me my worth
Who woulda knew
That some loves one
Would rather the hourse
So stop forcing
Shit on people
If you never knew shit
Live and learn
From your mistakes
But that Don’t make you who you is
I said my peace already
I’m a man
And I know where I stand
Don’t step too Far
Might see my f*cking hands Up
In the end

You ain’t me
So tell the truth
So don’t tell me how
To feel

How to deal with
All these things
As my Mental rearrange

(Voice memo expressing frustrations)

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