Kevin Gates – Maybach Music (freestyle) Lyrics

Sample: “come and take over”

Gates : ” put on my Dodgers fitted, then I, took that off and put on my Philly fitted
Rolled a Philly in it, lotta spliffs n shit, trllionare!”

” closed captioned for the listening impaired
Sympathetic toward the victim but the witness get it bad
Visions of the past, the kids still fighting back forth behind the glass like the windshield wiper
Good butter here then, let’s say album
Brooks brother clear lens flex frame calvin
Now he want a phantom with the flip face panel
Chew a snake like a tooth ache I could make sandals
Gun in hand and the other man freezes
Diddas duffle bag, Richard Cunningham sneakers
People under the stairs outta garbage can eatin
Paparazzi cameras squeezin while the maseratti speeding.”

” it’s some things your money can’t buy
No pretending til the end of it living with no facad.”

“In my ear, so many instruments I hear
Feel like MaCauley culkin I’m takin extra precaution
More percussion than a orchestra, tell it to the officer
Anything by any means to get them off of ya
Hungry out in Europe, money connesour
With thus sprungus(?) I’m a nuva(?) With your bunny on a scooter
Treat her like a stewardess, lookin out for shooters
Buda catch you honeymoonin have you Packin up and movin.”

“Its some things in life that don’t exist
Like being this sick or even a finer bitch.”

“Niggas hate, I see them lookin tryna Fuck her
She cook and like to cuddle
But I wouldn’t try to touch her where you prolly thought it wasn’t
Disguising it in public, Fire out the hide couple bullets in your knuckles
Never speaking in rebuttals. Nina bleached and leavin puddles
Dawana and Bianca blowin Ganga finger Fuckin
Limousine allot of sucking, only love that she know
Say I’m in love with her throat but I’m in love with them both
I play broke, walk in an out of some stores
End up buyin some clothes cuz mama get what she want

“In the whip, feel like I’m flyin thru the city
Wide body five glide while I’m riding with a biddy
Red Philly fitted, moon roof open
Move a little closer be like oh you smokin
It’s potent, I beat the odds
Now I’m rolling up and I’m choking like Peter tajh?
IPhone mobile my number I see the stars
Ralph Lauren sheets and suites when we minaj

“I’m on the leer , first class in the clear
Eating sandwiches my management put me by Pam Greir
She asked who was I. Who was I to reply
Young fly society I am a god of ?

Rest in peace to all the soldiers we lost
And god speed may be with all the soldiers at war”

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