King Joel – Let Us Breathe

In a country where freedom is acclaimed on a constant basis, lies the bedrock of hate, slavery, & ardent subjection based on color

America. The land where black people aren’t seen as people or respected as humans. Rather treated inferior & handled as beasts from the east & not with ease

Our inputs taken for granted. Our lives taken for granted. Our children’s futures doubted, and our minds literally ousted

13% of peoples. Smaller than a small fraction, but bigger than the big picture. A group of people so small with an impact so vast, you’d think we was more than we are. We really are

& We always find a way. From the brutal whip wielding slavery, to segregated buses, We made it all the way. All the way from the fields, to the house. till we claimed our freedom, made it out the house & made our way To the White House


See they seek to oppress, but our heads are upheld. I wonder how we manage to last with how they keep killing us, but we won’t digress & we won’t be repressed, we’ve shown you before, we can’t be oppressed

Over a thousand unarmed black peoples was killed by cops in the year 2015. Minorities killed in majority. My hands are up, I can’t breathe, I need love

It’s Lotta hate. It’s a Lotta prejudice. A Lotta bullshit. A lotta racism

The shit We’re subjected to, I just can’t understand it

I can’t, I can’t phantom the thought or ideology of hating a fellow human based off the color of their skin, that shit is a sin. The shit is obscene

& I’m here to shed light on what matters & let y’all know that black lives matter. It’s 2017, & we gotta make a change. We want peace

It’s been way too many years that we’ve been enslaved. Now It’s time to air it out, put it on display. I don spent too many years of witnessing this pain. Now I’m fighting, believing that we make a change. I been losing my mind I’m drowning in my faith. Now I’m hoping that Jesus can make me walk on water. Lord I’m gon need signs you hear us at this hour. & I’m gon need yeezus to help this propaganda

20/20 election it won’t even matter. But Dead or alive our opinions gotta matter. I took a peek in my mind, it’s Plenty bullets flying through it & I’m way too educated, I can’t bullet proof it

Every time we try to make a change, they sabotage us. When we do it anyways they annihilate us. It’s the same white folks that claim that all lives matter, but passed laws that made us slaves so we could call em masta

The ones that raped our wives & sold our sons away. Yeah that was years back then, that shit ain’t go away. Cos It ain’t too long ago they burned out black bodies, whipping, hanging, mutilating niggas just to raise their crops. Now they don’t hang us, they locking us away. Yeah they don’t lynch us, they shooting us on sight. Kill us more than diseases & cause our loss of life. Yeah it hurts way more to bring the past to light

But it ain’t gon change if we don’t talk about it. & It won’t go away if we ain’t acting on it. I’m eating Black-eyed peas, just asking where’s the love? Why they shoot us in the back Just like Walter Scott? Why they take away our freedom, making us insane? Then they label us as thugs for setting cars in flames. Ill take a page up out your book & read it right back. Quit being a bully & give my rights back

You know we’ve got Single mothers in the ghetto struggling to make a living & raise their kids, and a prejudice motherfucker on a random day pulls the trigger & ends their pride & joy. Tamir rice, Freddie Grey, Rekia Boyd. Darrien hunt was Shot 6 times from behind as he was running away

Michael brown in Ferguson. 2 bullets to the head, shot from behind, 4 in his right arm
Jonathan Ferrell was Shot 12 times at close range; the cop kept shooting while he was on the floor. Yeah that’s some crazy shit. I can’t relate to it

When I heard of Michael Moore I couldn’t take no more. Look at Trayvon Martin that boy was seventeen. All those years can’t give his mom back. His daddy’s tears can’t get his son back. Yet you sold that gun that took his son’s life. Hundreds of thousands I’m calling y’all out. Murderous demons, clowns & all that

I wish that i could take this pain & give it all back. Grab a couple whips & whoop on y’all’s backs. Put dem shackles on your feet & locks on y’all’s mouths. Let you can see just how it feels when you just can’t breathe & got the weight of evil spirits on your poor heart

Yeah you put us through these things just because we black. Damn mofuckas & still we ain’t crack. And I’ve still got love for the white race, but you better call me nigga from a safe place

Shits just sad mehn
Lord help us

It’s already sad enough I had to lose a brother to cancer. Already bad enough i have to live with pain & hunger. Why do We have to be subjected to all the extra damnation to fuel this anger. We just need you to realize that our black lives matter

So Stop killing my people
Please. Stop killing my people
Stop killing my fucking people
Arrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh (Yells)

I’m tired of mourning. I’m tired of crying. Tired of bleeding. Please believe that we’re about 4, 5 miles away from the crossroads. You make us cross that line & you’ll regret it. Killing our innocent babies. Locking up our innocent brothers

Same crime a white person commits & walks free, a black person commits & is locked deep. Deep in the coffers of the system. Correctional facilities, more like subjectional facilities. Designed to detain & maintain slavery under the premise of law & legality, with no immunity, but there’ll be mutiny

I guarantee we’ll make a stand & make demands for a brave heart’s in great hands so make plans for the mayhem

A Brave heart in grey hats led my people in formation on a great March that changed lives and sprung the end of a lawless law of open discrimination in this Nation

We have a dream

We still believe In the King within

I am King

We are Kings

We’re not weak

We will not blink

We will not sleep

We will not eat

& Please believe we will not chill

Until we’re set free


The end

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