Kreayshawn – I’m Depressed Freestyle Lyrics

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I don’t know what’s wrong
It’s like, I’m sad, but I’m not crying
I’m just sad
Uh, you got me hot
Y’all got me hot man
You got me hot
I’m just hot man

[Verse 1]
Ay, you really got me hot today
And it ain’t about the [?] don’t talk to me
Don’t call my fucking phone, don’t bother me
I think I’m depressed, yeah, fucking probably
Fucking doing shit wrong, not properly
Not even [?] fucking broccoli
Feel like I did my own fucking robbery
I’m insanity because I’m mad at me
And I can’t figure out why I’m feelin’ like shit
People tellin’ me, “Get up, you lazy bitch”
But give me a break, ’cause I must admit
My brain not working right, man, I’m out of it
And everything you fucking say got me mad as hell
Tellin’ me to meditate and go eat some kale
But yoga ain’t shit, man, I want Taco Bell
And drink a beer and sit around and just feel like shit

You should try reading The Secret
Maybe go on a walk
You know, meditation always helps

[Verse 2]
Man, don’t tell me how to deal
You don’t know how I am, you don’t know how I feel
Your feelings ain’t my feelings, and you ain’t in my head
Don’t give me no advice, I’m not needin’ it
I don’t want your fucking book, I’m not readin’ it
And if I hear one more time I need exercise
I’m gonna come over there, I’ma clap on your mind, bitch
I’m not doing shit, I’m not listening
I don’t wanna go to the gym
Fuck this, fuck everything, fuck that [?]
I’m not doing shit, I’ma sit here today
Make a song that’s fucking wack, and I’m not gonna play it
For none of my friends, ’cause they don’t care
They don’t like my fucking shit, they don’t play it nowhere
Don’t listen to me, ’cause I ain’t shit to you
Man, I don’t give a fuck, ’cause I’ma bounce back soon

You should try reading The Secret
And maybe go on a walk
Take deep breaths
You know, meditation always helps

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