Lawyer explained how to recover compensation from smoking neighbors

Find justice for smoking neighbors and even demand compensation from them is quite possible. The leading lawyer of the European Legal Service, Orest Matsala, told Prime agency about this.

The specialist reminded that citizens must comply with the law, not allowing violations of the rights of residents of the premises in which they live.

At the same time, the most difficult thing in this situation is – This is to fix the very fact of tobacco smoke entering the living quarters. According to Matsal, for this it is possible, for example, to involve other neighbors as witnesses who will confirm the source of pollution.

In addition, witnesses can confirm that there is a persistent characteristic smell in the apartment of a person suffering from tobacco smoke and it comes from a smoking tenant of a neighboring apartment. 

At the same time, you can apply to the court only if to attach photo and video materials to such testimony,  as well as the protocol of the visit of the district police officer, who recorded the fact of the smell of tobacco smoke.

Earlier, in Moscow, the police seized more than 150 thousand electronic cigarettes potentially dangerous to the life and health of consumers.

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