Lil Bibby feat. Kevin Gates, DeJ Loaf & Lil Durk – You Ain’t Gang (Remix) Lyrics

(Intro – Lil Bibby)
Why they hating on a younging?
Said why they hating on a younging?

(Chorus – Lil Bibby)
Ni**a you can’t hang, you ain’t gang, gang
You can’t hang, ni**a you can’t hang, you ain’t gang, gang
Ni**a you can’t hang, you can’t hang, hang
You can’t, you can’t hang, you ain’t gang, gang

(Verse 1 – Lil Bibby)
Bitch I’m an OG, but I’m quick to pull it like a younging
In my pockets, all hundreds, run up on me, bi**h I’m drumming
I was thugging on the corner with my ni**as, came from nothing
F**k these bi**hes, I don’t trust em, I’m a dog, f**k her cousin
They like, Goddamn Bibby why you still on that block s**t?
Get you shot quick round them ni**as I don’t rock with
I seen ni**as turned Christian when they feel that hot s**t
Thought you was a savage, now you on that Lord watch s**t
Give a f**k if you box well, I got hot shells
Drop Ls, pull up back to back and give your block hell
Pistol whip your kids, I’m a demon, I’ma rot in Hell
Do the time, I will not tell like I’m Vondell

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Lil Durk)
Why you floss, pu**y you ain’t squad, pu**y you ain’t hard
Catch a charge bi**h I’m like a God, Vernie pulled his car
Cracking calls, boy I’d get you robbed, 100 thousand law
Think I’m smart get that baby lost, like my lean dart
ATL, pull up we in dark heard you was a cop, you a opp
Flexing boy don’t start dracos in the car
Me I’m Durk, city hate me worst think they hate me first, it’s a curse
Now it’s me and DeJ, 40 in the purse pussy try us
Yo IG a liar got the streets on light
2 times, say it 2 times bi**h I am a fire
Plain Jane, f**king with the town call em Mary Jane
Street ni**a yeah we gang gang let the chain hang Gang!

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – DeJ Loaf)
Who’s cuz came with em?
Who’s blood came with em?
Seen them ni**as right there, them thugs right there
Go head I’d dare ya
All that talking don’t scare me
We ain’t ask you no questions
Cause we don’t need no answers
Them niggas saucing for real
I’m getting dope for real
This bi**h she bad
This boss for real
We know you talk for real can’t hang with me and my double rings
What they gon with us
Ni**as ain’t fooling us
Choppa with the clip tell me who to bust
Close the door, pull up and ring the doorbell
It’s a full mink, not a Montclair
You a f**king worm and I’m a boss player

(Verse 4 – Kevin Gates)
We don’t run, I’m in charge
Cooked this sauce, selling hard
Went to jail I got off
You was scared to walk the yard
On a big stand on all tens
Caught me drinking
Iron power push a lot of weight
Naw hah you had thought
Breaking down a whole thang ain’t got to stretch it any questions
Ball faze bought for all the Js and I’m bout to bless em
Female entertainers wanna f**k with gangsta, you ain’t special
No karate thord kick spent the TEC with the suppressor
Bread when I’m Mafia stiffing up all Benz
Slide polo road swag I’m making bags with a business
Action passing extension and they acting as a convinct
John Gotti body go in body bag he can zip
Tellscope go on top of the rifle they think I’m trifling
Put ballfield cleats go to locking in like arthritis
Pu**y s**t uninvited how wrong for no invitements
Twisting….on landlords
60 racks slipped, bullshit in the backyard

(Outro – Lil Bibby)
You can’t hang, ni**a, ni**a, you ain’t gang
You can’t hang, hang
You already know, man
Boss gang s**t

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