Macklemore – At The Party lyrics

Door*Bell Rings [Verse*

1] I
walked in with a pimp strut “What
… up ”?Door
man’s like “You, on the list ”?I’m
like “Shiiii, I…
should be there like… after the L’s” He
said it’s too early to tell “Fuck
it go, ahead ”.Afrika
Bambaataa Kool
Herc was looping the break beat Rocksteady
was breakin’ That’s
what’s up Gave
Scott La Rock dap Proceeded
up to the bar one Taki 183 and flat black was tight on the wall Eddie
Pint was with Dante And
went to bomb broadway Sugarhill
Run-D, M.C.were. kickin’ raps Busta
and the Beasties came in drinking, brass monkeys Bumrushed
the show hopped, on stage then A
whole bunch of white dudes opened the door and came in After
Ed Lover Dr, Dre. then Big Daddy Kane Said
there ain’t no half steppin’ walk, this way Went
to the next room had the 90’s on it “hell, yeah” Ayo
it smell like chronic Hella
juice & gin I
grab my cup try, to fill it to the brim Somebody
said “Ayo you, ain’t chipped in I’m? playing nephew go, ahead” Ice
Cube was choppin’ it up With
MC Ren and Quik was playing the cuts I
saw Eazy Spice, 1 and, King Tee Bloods
and Crips talkin shit and straight schemin’ Olde
English Starter, caps and, gold daytons Gold-plated
hearing, Bones Jheri, curl activator And
the party started crackin And
this dude in the background who looked familiar started dancing But…
I don’t know he seemed dope The
whole party was like he hadn’t rapped in the east coast [Hook]

physical, very, artistical Give
the party people something funky to listen to Step
up if you wanna get hurt Step
Step, up if you wanna get hurt All
you MC’s are some riders All
you need is a line Til’
you change and rearrange And
then what happened this time I
checkmate terminate, never, late contemplate, Mind
state is never fake hesitate, you lose [Verse

2] There
was this group in the cypher called Das FX And
a Tribe Called Quest Q-Tip
was searchin’ for his wallet sayin’ somebody got him 10
dollars sayin’ it was someone from Compton LL
was on the side of the kangol talkin’, about his Momma Sayin’
that if anyone stepped They’d
get knocked out He. promised Watching
Butter-Pecan Ricans licking their ice cream Ghostface
did lines and, Bees that were lime green liquorice
??????, and a dutch I
hit that shit once and then passed out off the blunt I
woke up in struggle for breath by Nas He
said sleep was the cousin of death my, God Door
busted down and I thought it was the cops It
was 2Pac saying that he had just gotten shot Stood
up out the wheel chair said “fuck this city ”.Grabbed
a Cristal bottle pointed, it at Biggie Puff
jumped up was like “take that one”, The
whole party stopped and said 2Pac…
left the party with Suge in the ‘lac Nobody
ever thought that ‘Pac would never come back An
hour later Big and Puff left Big
said he was ready to die but, there’d be life after his death Craziest
shit I’ve ever been to the, wildest venue But
it wasn’t over yet the, party must continue Yeah…
Yeah, I said continue Yeah
Yeah, Yeah, [Hook

2] Pink
gators my, Detroit players Timbs
for my hooligans in Brooklyn At
the same time with the dope rhyme that I kick You
know and I know I, flow some old funky shit Crucial
lyrical, style ain’t what it used to Microphone
check one two (echo) [Verse

3] For
some this, is where the party began Some
say it’s where the party was crashed There
was a new room a, new dude named Shady in the Aftermath “Hi
my, name is what, “…it was that everybody started to want to rap Rock
fans from the other parties put down their guitar straps And
started writing their bars on a pad The
‘burbs were already in the building And
the media been feeling if another party was on smash Pepsi
endorsements Spike, Coca-cola, Was
tellin’ the whole world where the party was at The
line to get in it, wasn’t just around the building It
was around New Zealand and the underground was making chat Saying
it was wack remember; the art the heart they, taking it back But
it was too late for that they, started making scratch, the line Complaining
about the game was, saying it’s wack Hold
up half, the people that were dissing it Were
half the reason that the party was so big And
everyone in line was out there trying to get respect And
then the party got put on the internet Shit
bum-rushed the door You
couldn’t move anymore There
wasn’t room on the floor And
out came the neighbors Getting
on TV and complaining about the noise Bill
O’Reilly and Oprah came down and they started hating The
venue wasn’t making money cause no one was paying Unless
you had Lil’ Wayne or T-Pain in the room Nas
came down and said the party was dead Somebody
lit a match all you heard was a BOOM

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