MaynEax – Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin’ lyrics

[Verse 1]:(The G. L. E)
It ain’t really nothing, I be getting all the ladies/
Girl you know I’m young, so why you trying to have my babies/
Been around the world I’m making money on a daily/
Cuz, I’m fresh to death, that’s why I’m driving all y’all crazy/
Got a lotta money, spend it on my honeys, ‘prolly why they love me/ (Oh, Oh) Pockets always chunky, never looking funny, keep a bag on me/ (Oh, Oh)
Never been a phone, steady trying to clone me, I’m the one and only/
The G. L. E., on your tv, I pop out in 3D-

I ain’t worried bout nothing (I can go where I want, Do what I want)
I ain’t worried bout nothing (I’mma buy out the mall, Show you how 2 ball)
I ain’t worried bout nothing (Blow a hundred bands real fast, make it back in a flash)
I ain’t worried bout nothing (I ain’t worried bout, I ain’t worried bout….)

[Verse 2]:(Jadore)
It ain’t really nothing, Get this money, y’all can’t stop me/
Famous ’round the world, Hear this song, and they know M-E/
Let these haters know that they can’t sleep on me, I’m coming thru/
Contradict the status quo, We opposites, Do what you do/
Walk down the runway, I do it my way, Can’t nothing stop me/ (Oh, Oh)
Boys wanna love me, Girls wanna copy, Jealousy, they watching/ (Oh, Oh)
Think about that, following my back, I’m the front woman/
Bros by my side, Gon feel the vibe, Ain’t gotta lie/ (yeah….)

Verse3:(Prince George)
It ain’t really nothing baby, Lambos, I got 2 (eh)
You can’t comprehend the way I do the things I do/ (eh)
Go 2 sleep in one city, and wake up in another/
Stop and stare, but, don’t compare, I’m it, there is no other/
I be gettin’ all the green, got the stacks rollin in/ (Oh, Oh)
Never gonna give it up, You know we got win/ (Oh, Oh)
Pulling people with my rhymes, like a lyrical lasso/
Hitting the beat right on point, just like I’m Green Arrow (Oh-Oh)

Hook (Repeat 3x’s)

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